Do you place this game? You know when you are driving along in the car and all of a sudden one of the kids yells out, “Spotto!” In amongst all the white and grey and black and blue cars there’s a bright yellow one.  It becomes addictive and then competitive to see who can spot the yellow car first.


Yellow is such a bright colour that it stands out from the run of mill colours and therefore is easily spotted. That’s why they use yellow for traffic signs.

Take care – Kangaroos next 4km

Well I’ve found lately that as I look through images for ideas and inspiration, I’m playing Spotto!

Just add shoes via Tobi Fairley

Just add shoes, via Tobi Fairley

I just love the little burst of yellow that is so unexpected but yet just makes the setting that much more exciting.

Take away the cushion and you have black and white via House To Home

Who left that towel there? No leave it, it looks good. via Living etc

Put your finger over the yellow and see how boring the room would be without it.

Yellow Flowers add some drama via Wainscot Solutions

I hope you manage to find a little ray of sunshine this weekend, it’s not looking promising here in Sydney!

If you would like some assistance in adding yellow to your home, contact us to enquire about our design services.

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  1. Oh, I wish I had a splash of yellow to brighten up this dull Melbourne day!

  2. This is wonderful – I must go round and do some serious Spottoing in my house. I guess it could be extended to other highlighting colours as well as yellow? But you’ve made such a good point – cover the touch of yellow and these images all suddenly slump.

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