Its in the Stars

I think we all read our astrology charts from time to time. Whether we live by the predictions or just read them for a laugh there are often things that ring true.

Many years ago I picked up a sheet on decorating styles for Virgos (which is me). There were many comments that made me wonder if there was something in decorating by the stars.

So when Jonathan Adler released these cushions, it reminded me to read a bit more about astrology decorating.

Needlepoint Cushions from Jonathan Adler

Virgos like an earthly retreat filled with natural materials and colours.They like to bring the outdoors in. We are no nonsense type of people and want simplicity and everything in it’s place.

from Australian House and Garden Photographer Andre Martin

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius (like my husband) like their homes to reflect their interst in travel and other cultures.

via Style Files

via Style Files

And Cancerians (like my daughter) require their home to be a retreat, as they are “stay-at-home” types and want security and then comfort.

via Point Click Home Photographer Keith Scott Morton

Have a look at decorating for your star sign and let me know if your home reflects your star sign.

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