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I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar with Martyn Lawrence Bullard on Wednesday. I didn’t really know a great deal about him having not seen any episodes of Million Dollar Decorators. I had only read about it on some of the overseas blogs.

Million Dollar Decorators

Martyn spoke at the Australian International Furniture Fair in Sydney and his talk was called Creating A Superstar Interior. Martyn told us about the many superstars he had worked with and created amazing interiors for them. He had lots of good images to accompany his talk.

Los Angeles Home of David Furnish and Sir Elton John

His list of superstars included Cher, Cheryl Tiegs, Sir Elton John, Ellen Pompeo, Kid Rock, Tamara Mellon and the Osbornes.

Bullard & Pompeo via

But I was pleased to hear that Martyn prefers to fill his interior spaces with the personality of his clients so the home is truly a reflection of them and not him. I can’t understand how anyone would want to live in a home that was designed without them in mind. I guess that’s why I love working with clients and making comfortable family homes rather than presale styling where the personality of the home is banished. Or doing cookie cutter interiors that you see in every magazine and they all look the same.

Property Styling

Mind you, I wouldn’t mind working with some of the budgets Martyn has the pleasure of being given. $50,000 for a dining room table? If anyone would like me to source one for them, let me know, I’d be happy to help. Martyn appeared on The Morning Show yesterday and was asked what “normal” people can do to create the million dollar look with a much smaller wallet.

Click to watch The Morning Show

The one thing I thought was impressed at was his use of unusual items. In one home he had used a window frame from a bank building as a fireplace and another he had carved panels made into wardrobe doors. It’s those unusual things that help create a unique space. You can see these magnificent interiors in his new book, Live, Love and Decorate.

Interior by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

The Furniture Fair was OK. I did love the OB Collection stand. It was so colourful with hot pink sofas, yellow drum stools and blue ceramics. The exhibition centre had the air conditioning set at single digits, I’m sure and we were pleased to see everything and head out into the rain and slightly warmer weather.

OB Collection Stand at the Furniture Fair

I hope this wet weather disappears before the weekend hits. It’s really been a miserable summer this year. But whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope you enjoy it.


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