Hot New Homewares from Target for Autumn/Winter

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen that yesterday I viewed the new homewares collection for Target Australia. Set up in a cute house in Paddington, the house was styled with the different items now available at your nearest Target store or online.

There were three different bedroom stories – colour, monochromatic and neutrals. They were all gorgeous and I was pleased to see the monochrome bed linen has a tribal influence. Do you receive my newsletter? Last month I was talking about Tribal patterns being everywhere at the moment. The great news is that Target are going to build on these schemes each season so you can add to the look rather than replacing it all.


It was really difficult to choose which look I liked best. The monochromatic (or as Target is calling it, Global Luxe) could work really well for a masculine room but equally a teenager or someone who loved the black and white look.


The neutrals (Lodge) had a fresh look and would be perfect for Hamptons style decor. Add in some navy and you have a classic look for any age.


The coloured bed linen was a lot of fun and suits it’s name of Soft Pop. You all now I LOVE colour.


The beauty of all these stories is there’s plenty of artwork and pretty bits to coordinate back to the bedlinen. Target now have an in-house design team based in Melbourne so the designs and styles are truly unique, on trend and very affordable. The new styles fall into the categories of Soft Pop, Global Luxe and Lodge and new products will appear in each of these styles each season and sometimes even during a season. Even the furry members of the family are catered for.


So now there’s no excuse to be on trend by injecting just one or two of these fabulous pieces into your home. But be careful, at these prices it could be hard to know when to stop!


If you would like assistance giving your decor a make-over, contact me for an appointment. Sometimes just an hour can you give you the direction you need.

2015 makeovers

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!


I trust you had a great break and are now ready to get the year started and perhaps make some changes to your home?

I know I LOVE going away but always love coming home to my house and my things. I find coming home always wants me to make a few little changes to the house, whether it be a cupboard I’ve been meaning to tidy or an area of the home that needs some tweaking.

Beach and sunset

I haven’t got around to the cupboard yet and was reminded this morning when the sliding wardrobe door caught on something on the top shelf. I hid all the Christmas presents up there and need to get up and rearrange it now. Maybe next week?

I did, however, makeover my console table in the entry. It’s been bugging me for over a year. The same table has had the same silver photo frames (I have updated the photos) on it for the past…… um…..10 years? (Cough, cough) But moving back into the house after renovating, it was just easier to put things back where they were, if possible, and get to it at another time. Pity that “other time” took me two years!


I knew it was in desperate need of updating and I had a Pinterest Board full of great ideas and inspiration. I’ve even written a previous blog post and given loads of advice and suggestions to clients regarding decorating their entry but never had the time to do my own. Typical!


So I took some time out last weekend to Just Do It! I’m very happy with the end result and feels it reflects my style and the decor of my home better than it did previously.


So what area of your home are you going to attack in 2015? Contact us if you’d like some assistance.


Eclectic Decor

Rooms with something different, something quirky or something eclectic are rooms that catch my eye. It’s not necessary to have everything all matchy-matchy and by adding something a little “out there” will create some interest.

eclectic living room

This month I’ve chosen three pieces from the new stock at The Orient Express which would suit any room and any style of decor. Add one of these to your room and you’re sure to create a talking point.

Shanghai Bird Cage

First up we have an elegant timber bird cage. This cage dates back to 1920’s Shanghai when Shanghai was considered “The Paris of the East, The New York of the West.” We visited the Bird gardens in Hong Kong on our recent holiday and loved seeing all the reproduction cages with their cute little ceramic food and water bowls.

Bird Cages

They make wonderful decor pieces even without the birds.


Next is an amazing original sailing boat steering wheel. This wheel is 112cm in diameter and comes from Zhejiang province in China. It can be yours for $290.

Antique Ships Wheel

And look at these beautiful window shutters from Shanxi Province. They would look fabulous as a bedhead or placed as a room divider or just placed on a large blank wall as a unique artwork.

Chinese shutters

So what do you think? Could you add one of these pieces to your home?

If you would like assistance with decor for your home, contact us for an appointment.

Missoni For Target Australia is on it’s way.

I’ve been drooling over the range of Missoni homewares soon to be available at a Target Store near you. Or if you can’t get into Target then you can shop online.


The range is H-U-G-E and there’s something for everyone including the family pooch.


So where would you like to add some Missoni to your home? Some deck chairs, beach towels and umbrellas around the pool?


What about some cushions for the sofa or bed?

IMG_4133 Or new bedlinen?

IMG_4128 And don’t forget the summer dining table with this fabulous melamine tableware. There’s also glassware and crockery too.


And you can serve those cocktails on the Lucite serving tray.


So clear your diary for Wednesday 8 October. That’s the day you need to run into Target or position yourself infront of your computer or tablet and grab those bargains. There is nothing over $200 but most of the range is under $100. Oh and there’s clothing for all the family, stationery and phone and tablet accessories.

The Perfect Solution

If you’ve ever decided to change the paint colour of your home, inside or out, you’ve probably trotted off to the paint or hardware store and stood for hours infront of the colour walls.

Dulux Colour Wall

Dulux Colour Wall

You’ve probably carefully selected a handful of 3cm x 3cm chips, taken them home and stuck them on your wall. Then you’ve tried to imagine what your whole room or even whole house would look like painted in that colour. You may have come up with a short list of anywhere between 3 and 10 colours and headed back to the store for sample pots. Your house then looks like it is diseased while you ponder the colour yet again.

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

Well at long last there is now an easier, less messy way. Brush-Out Boards.

Brush-Out Boards complete with Blu-Tack

Brush-Out Boards complete with Blu-Tack

Brush-Out Boards are 40cm x 40cm boards painted with real paint and come complete with Blu-Tack ready for you to stick up on your wall. The beauty of these boards is that they can be moved around the home so you can easily see what the colour will look like on the bright northern side of the house and the darker southern side.

Inspirations Brush-Out Boards

Inspirations Brush-Out Boards

The boards are $4 each (half the price of a sample pot) for the top 20 colours and $8 for the remainder and delivered straight to your door. Hold the phone!!!! I’ve just heard that if you spend more than $50 in one order on these boards, shipping is FREE!!!!! Just use the code FREESHIP14 at checkout.

Brush-Out Boards make choosing paint colours easier and less messy.

Brush-Out Boards make choosing paint colours easier and less messy.

These brush-out boards are available from Inspirations Paint in Dulux or Berger paint colours.

And don’t forget if it all gets too confusing and too expensive, a Colour Consultation will make life so much easier in under 2 hours. A full specification sheet will be issued for you to hand to your painter so everyone knows which colour goes where. Contact us for an appoinment.


Mixing Industrial Style with your Existing Style

This post has been sponsored by The Orient Express.

Industrial Style is such a great style to incorporate into your family home. It has that raw, utilitarian look which is just right for all the knocks and spills a family will give it when used everyday.

Industrial style kitchen from The Block

Industrial style kitchen from The Block

And surprisingly this designer look is not that expensive to create in our homes as it’s a blend of furniture and objects preferably worn, salvaged or recycled. The style incorporates raw timbers, castor wheels and metal frames. Light fittings, which were once used on outside tennis courts, now hang above kitchen island benches and tractor seats are used as bar stools. There’s also the use of man made industrial type substrates like concrete, metal, glass and dark, moody, industrial colours like black, charcoal, red and green.

Industrial style coffee table with iron legs from The Orient Express

Industrial style coffee table with iron legs from The Orient Express

It’s one of those styles that will be translated in many different ways and incorporated with other styles and pieces to create a truly unique look. If you’re not keen on having an entire house of industrial style furniture then it’s perfect for the casual living areas. Just one or two pieces will give that industrial flair to your home as it mixes so well with furniture items from other styles and eras.

Industrial style shelving unit from The Orient Express

Industrial style shelving unit from The Orient Express

Our friends at The Orient Express have a great range of industrial pieces. Any one of these blended with your existing furnishings will give that edgy vibe. These items can be purchased directly from The Orient Express in Abbotsford, Vic or your selection can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia.

Timber Bookshelf from The Orient Express

Timber Bookshelf from The Orient Express

If you would like assistance creating the Industrial Style in your home, contact us for an appointment.


Colour for Spring and Summer

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions I am definitely a Spring/Summer person rather than an Autumn/Winter person. I hate the cold and if the mercury drops below 25C then I’m pulling on layers.


So this time of year I’m in my element as the shops start stocking the new season ranges. The added colour is a welcome sight after months of dark, dismal colours.


Last week I had a sneak peek at the new range of cushions from Rapee. They will be available later this month. Nothing says warmer months more than blues, yellows and greens and Rapee have a great range in these colourways.

Santorini 50cm Zest

Florals are not going anywhere soon either with a gorgeous selection of cushions which look like they’ve been handpainted with floral blooms.


And I couldn’t resist this cute camera cushion. Perfect for all those Instagram fanatics.


Rapee also has a selection of table placemats and runners and don’t forget the Florence Broadhurst range. There’s soft furnishings to suit every home.

Dusk Group_CAS

If you would like assistance choosing soft furnishings for your home or would like to place an order for any of these cushions, contact us.

Missoni at Target Australia

It’s coming, it’s coming.

Three years ago this September I had my first visit to the United States. We landed in New York City on 12 September and on the 13th September Missoni released a line of fashion and homewares at Target. I was trying to get to a Target store to check it out but unfortunately with husband and child in tow, there were too many other sights to check out. So by the time I eventually did find a Target store and venture inside the Missoni range had long since disappeared. I remember thinking, Why doesn’t Target Australia collaborate with the likes of Missoni?

Campaign Image 2_High Res

Well this October they are! That’s right, October 8 a range of Missoni homewares and fashion will be available for a limited time at Target Australia. Over 220 products available in store and online including fashion for all the family, homewares, stationery, beach towels, tableware and even pet accessories.

Campaign Image 1_High Res

My advice is to get your sleeping bags and camp ovens ready and clear your diaries for 6th through to 9th of October so you can stock up on this gorgeous range.


Re-love Project 2014

Do you remember last year, I was involved in the Feast Watson Re-Love Project? Well it’s on again this year and the re-loved items are now available for purchase via eBay. As before, all proceeds will go to Salvos Stores.

Re-loved TV Cabinet

It’s a great project to showcase what can be done with second-hand pieces of furniture that many would not look at twice.

As part of the Feast Watson Re-Love Project, eight lucky Australians will have the chance to take home a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture with all proceeds donated to Salvos Stores.

The project launched in May this year and eight talented designers across Australia have been busy upcycling worn timber furniture items into unique designer pieces, kindly donating their time and expertise to the campaign.

Feast Watson Re-Love Project before and after preview

From shabby bedside tables to an old tripod and even a rocking chair, each talented designer has provided inspiration and breathed new life into old furniture. Each item is marked with the designer’s unique creative style, and the outcomes speak for themselves with eight truly exceptional pieces of furniture.

Salvos Stores Chief Executive Officer, Allen Dewhirst, is grateful for the generous donation and excited to see the results from the auction.


“Salvos Stores are excited to once again be the charitable beneficiary of the Feast Watson Re-Love Project. Last year was a great success and we are thankful to both Feast Watson and the designers who generously donate their time to the project. We couldn’t help but love an environmentally conscious campaign which gives second-hand furniture a new lease on life. We are very excited to see the outcome of the eBay auction,” Dewhirst said.

Feast Watson’s Brand Manager, James Fisher, says the talent and creativity displayed in the Re-Love Project has been outstanding.


“Our eight designers have blown us away. They have each done an incredible job in creating something truly special. Wood and timber accents are a hot trend at the moment, so it’s been exciting to see eight different timber pieces be transformed over the course of the campaign. The end result is a collection of amazing design driven pieces,” Fisher said.

To find out more information about the project or for inspiration for an up-cycling project you can complete at home, visit the Feast Watson Pinterest page.

Painted Hive

To bid on your favourite item, between Thursday 24 July to Sunday 3 August visit Feast Watson’s eBay site.


If you would like assistance mixing upcycled furniture with new or existing pieces in your home, contact us for an appointment.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

The beauty of dealing with design professionals is that they are visual people and can easily picture in their mind’s eye what things will look like following changes.

Fro my "Blue and White" Pinterest Board

Fro my “Blue and White” Pinterest Board

One of the best ways to convey your choices to design professionals is through imagery. When I first started in the design business some ten years ago, I tore out images from magazines and pasted them into scrapbooks. I would cart around books for lounge rooms, bedrooms, home offices, kitchens, bathrooms, courtyards, window coverings, etc.

From my "Entry and Hallways" Pinterest Board

From my “Entry and Hallways” Pinterest Board

My clients would flick through the books and point out rooms they liked and explain to me why. That way, I could get a good feel for the types of things they liked (and hated) so I could start sourcing and designing.

From my "Look Up" Pinterest board

From my “Look Up” Pinterest board

But these days, I’m finding my clients are whipping out their tablets or smart phones and showing me images they’ve pinned to their Pinterest boards. It’s just perfect for people renovating or decorating as they can start collecting images they like of items or colours for their own home. I love Pinterest and am constantly adding images to my boards.

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards

Do you have Pinterest?

If you would like assistance recreating an image you have found on Pinterest, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


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