Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Armadillo&Co recently launched their new Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection with a soiree at the design studios of Landscape Designer, Adam Robinson.

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

The studio was packed with many from the industry trying to get a first hand look (and feel – they were soft) of the new rugs. They even gave one away, but alas I was not the lucky winner.


I loved the swing tables holding the food down the centre of the studio.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.56.39 pm

I think these rugs will be a welcome addition to the Armadillo&Co range and will provide some warmth underfoot for those outdoor entertaining rooms.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.37.36 pm

If you would like to make enquiries on this range of rugs, contact us.


Throw another shrimp on the barbie

The weather is superb here in Sydney at the moment. And that’s the ideal time to fire up the barbeque and head outdoors for dinner.

I came across these fabulous table cloths recently and thought how colourful they were and how suitable to outdoor dining.

Some come in quite a large size which is great for those big outdoor tables.

Almost good enough to use as an artwork.

Some patterns are also available in runners and most have matching napkins.

We can source these items for you. Contact us to enquire about our on-line or in person design services.


Perfect Camelia

Perfect Camelia

One of the first flowers from our favourite Camelia bush has just emerged. In our 80 year old Sydney garden there are more than 30 camelia plants but this is the one I love the most. The symmetry and delicacy really appeals and the neatness of the petal formation is not lost on this Virgo. We did think we were going to lose it in our planned home renovations but a bit of tweaking and (fingers crossed) it will live on for another decade or three.

Lunch Anyone?

Would you like to stay for lunch?

It’s a beautiful day in Sydney today and I went and looked through a house that was For Sale. The outdoor dining area was just gorgeous and one I would love in my own home. On a day like today, I could see my family and friends whiling away the afternoon at this table. With a sink, dishwasher, barbeque and wine fridge within arms reach what more could you ask for? I think what appeals most is that it is a “Man’s” kitchen. What a great place to spend Mother’s Day tomorrow? Dream on.

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