Rotating Mirror

Here’s a funny little story about a mirror.

A client had asked me to keep an eye out for a mirror for above her fireplace. She had renovated a couple of years ago and was now getting around to the final touches. I happened to have a large mirror that a previous client had decided against so arranged for my husband to help me take it over and show her.


The two men held the rectangular mirror in place whilst we women contemplated whether it should be portrait or landscape and what it was reflecting. In the end the decision was made that that was not the right mirror for the space. It was too dominating and my client didn’t want the mirror to dominate the room.


A few months later I received an email from one of my mirror suppliers with a list of their sale items. I flicked it over to the client who liked the look of a mirror called the Pebble Turn Mirror. The client measured her space and made a paper cut out of the mirror and blu-tacked it to the wall. It all looked perfect. So I placed the order and arranged for my mirror hanging guy to instal the mirror.


The client was at work and left me a key. We arrived and worked out which way the mirror would hang. It definitely had to hang in a portrait position as the space we had was higher than it was wider. Being an organic shape, we took every conceivable measurement to make sure it would be centred on the chimney breast. But it wasn’t your average wire and hook arrangement to hang it. The mirror had a round disc attached to the back and we had 4 small discs to be screwed into the wall. The disc on the mirror then slid into the cradle that was formed by the four small discs.

IMG_5112 IMG_5114

So we did all that, stood back to admire our work and the Pebble Turn Mirror, turned. That’s right it just slowly rotated like a chocolate wheel. Both of us went sprinting to the wall in case it came crashing to the floor but of course it didn’t because it was securely held in the cradle. It just wasn’t sitting in the position we wanted. So we moved it back and tried to get the weight of the base to sit as we wanted. Nope, it rotated again. It seemed the mirror had a mind of it’s own and was only happy in a landscape position. Yet all the images we had seen of the mirror showed in a portrait position. We were getting frustrated! After a while we found some blu-tack and used it to hold the mirror in position. We waited and waited and the mirror stayed where it was. Phew!


Just as we were about to leave, the client came home from work and we explained our dilemma and we would make inquiries for a more long lasting solution than blu-tack. I received a text about an hour later saying the mirror had rotated again!

A week later, my trusty mirror hanging guy came back with a solution. We needed a cog to stop the mirror from rotating. He glued a long piece of flat metal to the disc on the back of the mirror and when we finally sat that into place, the mirror could not rotate. Just as well I love a challenge!


Upshot is the mirror looks fabulous in the room and creates some interest without dominating.


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Kitchen Reflections

Well last week it was bathrooms and this week it’s kitchens!

I’m looking at various splashback options and one I can’t go past at the moment is mirror.

It looks especially good when there is a wonderful view being reflected and there is no need to bring in a colour as the mirror does that for you.

via Home Ideas Magazine

If you are thinking of using a mirrored splashback, make sure it’s made of moisture resistant tempered glass. Try a smoked mirror which will soften the look.

What do you think? Would you like a mirrored splashback?

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Art For Art’s Sake

One of the last things I’m often asked to advise on when working with a client, is their art. Not so much which type of are, but rather which part of the wall should the piece be placed. It’s usually the last thing that goes up and marks those freshly painted or renovated walls so I understand the trepidation felt.

crb464015 The most important aspect of hanging art is to make sure the centre of the artwork is at eye level. This is so the average person can peer straight into the painting. Those of us that are vertically challenged need to take this into consideration and take it up a few centimetres. However as we all know, rules were meant to be broken.

Artworks from floor to ceiling

Artworks from Floor To Ceiling

Another great tip for hanging art is to hang a large piece off centre and group two or more smaller pieces to one side, rather than on either side.

0306p083_hen_1 Arrange clusters of separately framed photos, rather than multiple photos in one frame.

image4_thumb As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and this should be kept in mind when you are buying art for your own home. What appeals to you will not necessarily appeal to everyone, but if you are living with your piece then it must have some meaning to you. It should evoke a memory such as something you have purchased on a holiday, or it should tell a story like a historical piece or it should get you thinking.


Shell Money from Solomon Islands

These were my daughter's baby shoes. Too cute for hand me downs.

These were my daughter's baby shoes. Too cute for hand me downs.

I don’t think a house looks lived in until there are pieces on the wall. It doesn’t have to be expensive artworks (although my artist Mother would say this is a good option). Think outside the frame and consider other options for decorating the walls.

Plate wall by Lisa Congdon

Plate wall by Lisa Congdon

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors



If you were styling your home for sale, then that’s the time to purchase or rent artwork that sits well with the decor. The subject matter at this time should be fairly neutral too. It’s amazing that some people just can’t see past what’s in front of them and an “out there” artwork may detract from the reason these people are in your home in the first place.


So this weekend, have a look at what’s hanging on your walls and maybe change things around or put up new items. Whatever you do, enjoy your weekend.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

who’s the fairest of them all?

Boy Mirror from Lightly

Boy Mirror from Lightly

Girl Mirror from Lightly

Girl Mirror from Lightly

I would think any of these mirrors would add a sense of fun and intrigue to any room. I have always loved the children but can’t resist the chook. I’m a bit of a chook fanatic so hanging this at my kitchen door appeals. These are all from Lightly.

Chicken Mirror

Chicken Mirror

I can also see the humour in having a few mice around the kitchen bin.

Mouse Mirror from Lightly

Mouse Mirror from Lightly

But this really takes the cake. A mirror, a lamp and a shelf all in one. Perfect for an entry or hall where you often need all three. Design For Use also has a floor version.

Three in one - mirror, shelf and lamp

Three in one - mirror, shelf and lamp

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