The 80’s are Back.

During the school holidays, under the pretence of entertaining the kids, I visited the Powerhouse Museum. The main reason for my visit was to relive the 80’s and visit the museum’s exhbition.

It was all there – Kylie, Boy George and Michael.

Boy George Memorabilia

There was plenty of memorabilia from performances at Worker’s Clubs and Pubs when concert tickets were 1/10th of what they are today.

The wall covered with LP (remember those) sleeves was great fun. “I had that”, “I remember that one”, “That was my favourite” could be heard as you passed.

How many of these did you have?

The examples of technology were interesting too. A Sony Walkman, sit down Pac-Man and Donkey Kong machines and the ghetto blaster. Antiques really!

My 6yr old nephew intrigued with Pac-man.

There was a great display of the fashion of the day and I’m pleased to say my favourite ballgown of the time was featured. The blurb said is was “the most sort after evening gown of the 80’s”. Knew I was a trendsetter (or follower). This dress by Studibaker Hawk was probably the first “wearable art” on the market. I loved my dress and dragged it out for almost a decade at various balls and dinner dances I attended in three different countries.

My Studibaker Hawk Dress. Look at the orange carpet. We all look very '80's.

There were also the ubiquitous neon coloured lycra leggins and head bands and the huge shoulder pads made famous in tele-series like Dynasty. And who can forget the outrageous knitted jumpers by designer Jenny Kee? These have been seen lately worn by Kath and Kel at Fountain Gate.

80's fashion

Home decor didn’t escape either. I was really a girl of the 80’s, as the bedroom they had on display was the spare room in my first house only in a different colourway. The Ken Done bedspread was a feature in four of my houses. The bright colours were so fresh.

Ken Done Doona Cover on display

It’s a great exhibition. Daily until January 26th, the kids (big and small) can learn some Zombie moves from Thriller. There are daily workshops on drama, art and music inspired by the 80’s as well as making gadgets a-la Inspector Gadget style. There’s also a photo scavenger hunt with great tributes to the 80’s like “phoning home”, “walk like an Egyptian”, “doing the Locomotion”, breaking down the wall, wrestling with a crocodile, cracking the Rubik’s cube and trying to find the hidden Smurf. Does that bring back memories or what?

Last year Millie, over at The Laurel Hedge wrote a post on the 80’s. It was a fun look back at what was really a very tragic decade of fashion and design. My CD collection is full of ’80’s music but fortunately my wardrobe and decor has moved on. Check out Millie’s post and then have a look at the exhibition if you are in Sydney.

Thai(m) for a Break

A group of us get together a couple of times a year for a meal. This evening we have decided to hold a Thai Curry night. It reminded me of a fabulous home I saw in the February 2009 issue of Australian Home Beautiful. The home is in Koh Samui and is the holiday home of a UK couple with 4 children. They are based in Hong Kong so Koh Samui was an obvious choice for a weekender. It was designed by Bali-based architect Gary Fell.

I would never tire of that view

I would never tire of that view

The sunken lounge which opens onto the pool.

The sunken lounge which opens onto the pool.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

Breakfast, lunch or dinner

What a calm space. The mirror behind the bed reflects that amazing view.

What a calm space. The mirror behind the bed reflects that amazing view.

The home is available for holiday rentals and comes complete with domestic help.

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