Worst Dressed Wednesdays

Welcome to a new feature I’m starting. As I travel around this wonderful country of ours I sometimes see a house or building which makes me cringe. It’s usually just that the colour is sooooo wrong. I have noticed this one (like, who couldn’t) ever since it was painted about 12 months ago.

It sits on the border of a Conservation Area and all the surrounding houses are more sedate and in keeping with their age. I have no idea how council has allowed this colour scheme and who would choose it in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like the mix of pink and orange and a dash of red but usually on garments not houses.

from Decadent Luxe.com

What do you think? And if you spot a building that’s ripe for the picking and planting here in Worst Dressed Wednesdays, send it to me via email.

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