The Hidden Costs of Renovating

Did you know I was married to an Accountant! Thank you for your sympathies. Yes it’s a cross I’ve had to bear for 18 years now. It takes him forever to get over the price of things. Doesn’t matter whether its a kilo of steak or the reupholstery of a chair, it’s always a “that’s ridiculous!”.


So when we started our renovations I knew it was going to be a long drawn out process. He was adamant that HIS renovation wouldn’t have any variations and every little detail had been accounted for.


Ha! If you’ve renovated then you know it’s impossible to stay on budget as there are always little things that were overlooked or once you do one thing then it makes sense to do another. And so it was with our renovation.


But it’s the hidden costs that neither of us counted on. Like grabbing takeaways…….often. We were very hands-on renovators doing lots of painting and sourcing ourselves. So most weekends were spent either out looking at lights, bathroom fittings, tiles, etc or up a ladder painting. Naturally the last thing either of us wanted to do when we got home exhausted was to start cooking. It was easier to grab some takeaways for lunch and dinner and sometimes even breakfast. Mmmm, that wasn’t in the budget.


And all the little bits you NEED at Bunnings. Before, during and after the renovations there’s always something you need to pick up. Bubble wrap and packing tape when you’re moving. Paint brushes, masking tape and other painting paraphernalia when your renovating and brooms and door mats when you move back in. I swear we were at Bunnings at least once a week, sometimes more. Note to self – get shares in Bunnings.


Now that we are back in the house and trying to put things back together, the hidden expense is dry cleaning. I’m gradually taking all the curtains and bed linen and other soft furnishings that we have kept, in to be dry cleaned. Ouch! But as I pointed out to the accountant, it’s cheaper than replacing! I know how to appeal to his better judgement.

Jennifers Dining room

So it’s never just the bottom line when renovating, there’s always extras that haven’t been thought about.

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