Time for a giveaway!

Yay, who doesn’t love something for nothing? Well not quite nothing. You have to leave me a comment, but more of that later.


One of the catch phrases I hear the most from my clients is “I don’t have enough storage.” You too? There’s always things that need to find a home and what better place than one of these gorgeous market baskets from The Market Basket Co.

Dining area.aspx

Not just practical, they are very stylish too with all the beautiful women of France taking them to the markets or the beach or riding around on their velo (that’s French for bicycle). The good news is, you don’t have to go to France to buy one. They are available here in Australia as a result of Lindy McLeod seeing the many uses of them in France and deciding to bring them home. The baskets are individually handmade in Morocco using traditional methods and techniques and made from strips of woven palm leaves from a species of date palm. They are finished with Moroccan leather handles either short or long.


The lovely people at The Market Basket Co have offered us one to giveaway just in time for Mother’s Day. They would make the perfect gift. To win, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell us what you would store in your basket in the home. As I have too many magazines, I think mine would sit in the family room and be laden with magazines.


The names of those who leave a comment will go in the draw for the Rosie basket which is valued at $65 and comes with a rose material drawstring closure and red leather handles. Winner will be drawn on 30 April and announced here on 1 May.

Rosie Basket The Market Basket Co. RRP $65.00

Good luck! Pop on over to Facebook and follow The Market Basket Co there for regular updates and new releases.

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  1. I would sit the basket on my dining room floor and pop a jar in the bottom with a beautiful bright bunch of flowers coming out of it.

  2. This beautiful basket would live at my front door and inside you would find my picnic rug, wine glasses, plates and cutlery. It would be packed and ready to hit the road. Grab a bottle of wine and some nibbles and celebrate this gorgeous weather!

  3. Oh how lovely Belinda.Yes maybe time for an upgrade. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  4. Perfect Connie. You can never have too many flowers. Good luck.

    Jennifer xx

  5. Sounds perfect Barb, just like the weather. Good luck.

    Jennifer xx

  6. The basket is perfect for my almost ready-to-pick heirloom rhubarb crop. What better way to transport the harvest from my veggie garden to the kitchen in preparation for my homemade rhubarb crumble. Stylish and delicious!

  7. I need this basket for my laundry. If my beautiful daughters see it, then maybe they will place their laundry in there and keep the surroundings tidy too because it is too pretty to ignore, like a normal laundry basket, I have found a happy home for this basket.

  8. laura powers says

    My mum would get great use out of this at the Market she goes every week and I know she loves baskets, great design , lovely.

  9. This great basket/bag would definitely become my beach bag. It would look great filled with a big striped beach towel, a snack and sunscreen!

  10. Good luck, Paula. Sounds like some yummy baking coming up in your kitchen.

    Jennifer xx

  11. Oh yes, the training of girls and their dirty clothes. What’s wrong with the floor, Eli?????? Good luck with the training and the draw.

    Jennifer xx

  12. It is the perfect Mother’s Day gift, Laura. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  13. I miss the beach so much and it’s not even winter yet. Sounds perfect and it could sit there packed all winter teasing you, Kerrie. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  14. Julia Mason says

    This Gorgeous item would sit proudly by the front door and store all of our hats, sun screen and sunny’s as sun safety is very important in our house!

  15. This would great for when I’m taking the kids to the movies – it would fit our jumpers if we get cold, and all the drinks and snacks we sneak in because we can’t afford the movie ones.

  16. Newpapers scrolled up ready to be used as kindling when the weather turns cold…like now

  17. Jennifer B. says

    Toes down, heels up and so very French… This would be such an elegant way to store my collection of ballet flats!

  18. I love visiting the markets and would cram the Rosie Basket with all things fresh and fragrant!

  19. Karla Oleinikoff says

    With 4 grubby kids who love going out to the park, this would be perfect for hats, wipes, sunscreen and everything else needed for a great day out.

  20. Shelley Martin says

    I would store my toilet rolls in here. It’s a nice yet practical way of storing bulk packets of toilet rolls

  21. Sounds like a plan Julia. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  22. Great idea Lauren. I always get cold at the movies too. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  23. I agree Sonia, it’s cold already and it’s not even winter! Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  24. Ooh la la, one can never have too many ballet flats. Good luck Jennifer!

    Jennifer xx

  25. And you would be most stylish shopper at the markets with that basket. Good luck Cathy!

    Jennifer xx

  26. Just throw in a couple of drink bottles and you’re good to go Karla. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  27. Oh it would look so pretty in the smallest room of the house. Good luck Shelley!

    Jennifer xx

  28. I’d fill it with my son’s toys. It would be great for keeping things tidy, and lovely to display!

  29. And then, Dianne, you may be able to teach him to put them back in the basket and tidy up???? Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  30. melanie w says

    I would love to fill the basket with baby products and give it to my sister for a baby shower gift, it would look great storing the nappy suppl;y for bubs too!

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