Time for a giveaway!

Yay, who doesn’t love something for nothing? Well not quite nothing. You have to leave me a comment, but more of that later.


One of the catch phrases I hear the most from my clients is “I don’t have enough storage.” You too? There’s always things that need to find a home and what better place than one of these gorgeous market baskets from The Market Basket Co.

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Not just practical, they are very stylish too with all the beautiful women of France taking them to the markets or the beach or riding around on their velo (that’s French for bicycle). The good news is, you don’t have to go to France to buy one. They are available here in Australia as a result of Lindy McLeod seeing the many uses of them in France and deciding to bring them home. The baskets are individually handmade in Morocco using traditional methods and techniques and made from strips of woven palm leaves from a species of date palm. They are finished with Moroccan leather handles either short or long.


The lovely people at The Market Basket Co have offered us one to giveaway just in time for Mother’s Day. They would make the perfect gift. To win, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell us what you would store in your basket in the home. As I have too many magazines, I think mine would sit in the family room and be laden with magazines.


The names of those who leave a comment will go in the draw for the Rosie basket which is valued at $65 and comes with a rose material drawstring closure and red leather handles. Winner will be drawn on 30 April and announced here on 1 May.

Rosie Basket The Market Basket Co. RRP $65.00

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  1. I would use it to hold the soft toys I have at my house for when my niece visits 馃檪

  2. Great idea Amber. Good Luck!

  3. kerry santillo says

    I would love this to take shopping!! Am so tired of the old shopping bags, this would make shopping more fun.

  4. I agree Kerry, just think of all the lovely goodies you could carry in this bag. Good luck!

  5. I would use the basket to hold all my newborns soft toys!

  6. As an overnight bag with a few toiletries, lingerie and night clothes. What a stylish way to carry anything at all!

  7. Sonya Nicole says

    What a cute basket! Would be great to use as a sewing basket.

  8. Ah, would be a great basket for our daughter’s birthday. She loves doing everything her mum does, including shopping!

  9. I’d store my knitting bits and bobs in it; cute basket!

  10. I’d store all my daughter’s craft bits and pieces in it. Otherwise they get spread all over the house!

  11. Apples, oranges and pears – all the the fruits I can’t be bothered unpacking from the shopping! Plus the basket would display them much nicer in the kitchen!

  12. Oh yes, Amy that basket would look so pretty with fruit n it. Good luck!
    Jennifer xx

  13. Good idea, Nicole. At least things wouldn’t get lost so easily. Good luck!
    Jennifer xx

  14. It’s getting into that knitting weather, isn’t it Soni? Good luck!
    Jennifer xx

  15. Bit of a shopaholic myself, Julian. Good luck!
    Jennifer xx

  16. It would make a great sewing basket, Sonya. Good luck!
    Jennifer xx

  17. And a very stylish overnight bag it would be, Helen. Good luck!
    Jennifer xx

  18. Good luck Karina. A basket for soft toys is a great idea as it will teach them to put them back afterwards too.
    Jennifer xx

  19. Ooooh great basket, one I’ll have to fight the cat for…..whenever I get a new one, he claims it as his own!

  20. jody buhagiar says

    Oh what a gorgeous bag , I would love something smart and fun to hold my wool. Am starting to knit and crochet and this would be perfect. Thank you what a lovely giveaway.

  21. I’d use this gorgeous basket for my sewing goodies for sure 馃檪

  22. cathy bailey says

    I love crochet so this bag would be a beautiful holder instead of a plastic bag I use now!

  23. Sadly I never learnt to crochet, Cathy. Good luck.

    Jennifer xx

  24. Good luck Sim.

    Jennifer xx

  25. Good luck Jody and have fun with the knitting and crocheting.

    Jennifer xx

  26. Cheeky, cat! Good luck Di.

    Jennifer xx

  27. Helen rRdgers says

    I’d paint a pot and saucer red, plant a Fiddle Leaf Fig and stand it in my Rosie basket on a stool near the window in my bedroom.

  28. Heather S says

    What a beauty of a bag! I would la la LOVE to win and carry it!

  29. It is a beauty, isn’t it Heather. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  30. Oh it would look so cute with a fiddle leaf fig inside, Helen. Good luck.

    Jennifer xx

  31. Brenda kapsley says

    in adelaide we have to take our own shopping bags this basket would be perfect as a shopping bag

  32. You will be the envy of all in Adelaide, Brenda. Good Luck.

    Jennifer xx

  33. Brooke McCarney says

    I would love to own this basket! I LOVE the red trim 馃檪 I would use it to store and carry my children’s swimming towels to and from the pool.

  34. Good idea Brooke. Good luck.

    Jennifer xx

  35. I would use this bag to take cooked meals (and something sweet) over to my partners family’s house where we often gather for great food and wonderful conversation

  36. Tamara Howorth says

    Love this basket. It would be great for the farmers markets or just to carry the tones of bits & pieces needed when you go anywhere with my little girls! They would love the floral print & red handles too!

  37. Beautiful baskets to carry beautiful things in….

  38. You’re making me hungry Gemma. Good Luck!

    Jennifer xx

  39. I’m a bit partial to red myself, Tamara. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  40. Good luck Susan. You can never have too many beautiful things.

    Jennifer xx

  41. I would use it to put my craft in

  42. Kristina Snowden says

    Its beautiful, perfect for a bottle of water, towel and a book for a read at the beach or park

  43. Ha ha Kristina, I thought you were going to say a bottle of wine! Yes, it would be great for a stash of “me time” bits. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  44. And then your craft bits would never get lost and always look stylish. Good luck Michelle.

    Jennifer xx

  45. Sitting this trendy basket near my favourite chair, I would fill it with my birthday cards, so that they are always there, for me to peruse! AND it matches my decor!!

  46. I would keep my crosstitch project and all of my threads in this beautiful bag, rather than the plastic bag that is its current home.

  47. That sounds a much nicer option Jo. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  48. Sounds like a great idea, Shellie. Good luck!

    Jennifer xx

  49. I was lucky enough to inherit my mother-in-law’s French woven basket many years ago and I have used it endlessly myself (often to take towels to the beach) however it has seen better days and the metal studs that attach the leather handles are actually rusty by now (probably thanks to all that beach air!) so I would dearly love to update to a new authentic French basket – particularly one that has the handles stitched on – gorgeous and practical!


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