Seven Top Tips For Bathroom Renovating

I’m currently working on three bathrooms for three clients, so seem to be dreaming about bathrooms lately.

I thought I’d share my seven top tips worth considering when you are renovating your bathroom

  1. To make the floor area look larger, lay square floor tiles on the diagonal.
  2. To make the ceiling feel higher lay rectangular wall tiles upright.

    Bathroom by Inside Out Colour and Design Photography by Lyn Johnston

  3. To make the room feel wider, lay rectangular wall tiles on their side.
  4. For ease of cleaning and neatness of the room, choose a Back To Wall toilet.
  5. The ideal lighting is either side of the mirror at head height. It casts a warm healthy glow on your face and makes applying makeup or shaving easier.

    Bathroom at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver

  6. Wall hung vanities make the room look bigger and the floor easier to clean.
  7. If you are not tiling to the ceiling, keep the horizontal line of the room the same – shower screen, door, window, mirror and tile height should be the same.

    Bathroom by Lewin Wertheimer via desire2inspire

If you would like assistance renovating your bathroom, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.



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  1. Great tips Jennifer & some lovely images!!

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