Purple, Orange and Green

Just before our trip to Brisbane, I noticed this blooming in my garden.

Bird of Paradise Flower

It is a Strelitzia or commonly called Bird of Paradise. I love the colour combination and the architectural look of the flowers. They look great in a modern arrangement.

Modern Flower Arrangement featuring Strelitzia

The colour combination is what is called a triadic colour scheme. A triadic scheme uses colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel.

Colour Wheel

It can be quite vibrant so to use it successfully in your home, let one colour dominate and use the other two for accents.

via Home Beautiful Colour book

Orange is an outgoing colour, which adds a sense of fun. It combines the assertive qualities of red with the sunny disposition of yellow while Purple is a colour associated with creativity and imagination. It combines the restful qualities of blue with the soothing elements of warm pinks.

Purple, Orange and Green Bedroom

Green is soothing and softens the bright combination of purple and orange.

Orange and Purple Living Room

The combination of orange and purple could be stimulating but the green tends to become a neutral and softens the two other colours. Vary the tone of each to make it even easier to take in – your interior shouldn’t be jarring, it should be a pleasure to walk into.

Green as a neutral

It is even used in fashion, but in this outfit by Gucci, all the colours have equal vibrancy yet again the green has more proportion than the other two colours just like in the strelitzia.

Bird of Paradise colours by Gucci

What do you think? Is this the type of colour scheme you would like in your home?

Tree Poppy fabric from Sanderson

If you would like assistance choosing the perfect colours for your home, contact us for our colour consulting services.

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