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I’m currently working on a number of bathrooms and one of the questions that keeps on cropping up is “What sort of basin should we have? One on top or one underneath?”

via Australian House and Garden Photographer Andrew Lehmann

The two most popular options at the moment seem to be basins that sit on top of the benchtop or basins that sit completely under the benchtop. I must admit the ones on top look pretty good in photographs but then I’m not convinced that they are practical. And being a Virgo, I’m all for practicality! So here’s my take on bathroom basins.

via Australian House and Garden Photographer Simon Kenny

The basins that sit on top of the vanity unit are called Vessel Basins. If you are going to have these then you need to have them deep enough so water won’t splash out when the tap is inadvertently turned on a little too hard. They require taps to be either wall mounted or a rather tall tap mounted on the benchtop. Both of these options will result in water being dripped on the benchtop when the tap is turned off with wet hands. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and depths so the world of vessel basins is really your oyster.

Parisi Basin

Undermount basins are the ones that seem to be suspended UNDER the benchtop. They are mainly square, round or oval in shape. Most require the taps to be mounted on the benchtop allowing for water to drip down when turning the tap off. The beauty with undermount sinks is that the water and dirt can be swept straight into the bowl making cleaning up a little bit easier.

via Molly Frey Design

I have managed to find a few of both undermounted and vessel basins that incorporate a tap shelf which alleviates all the dripping problems. Music to my ears, as not only are Virgos practical, they hate mess, too. Especially when they have to clean it up.

via Australain House and Garden Photographer Dan Magree

I’m often asked “Will vessel basins still be popular in 5 years time?” And unfortunately I have no idea. However, I have just received an email advertising the new Laufen range of basins designed by Alessi and the vessel basin is 40cm deep.

II Bagno Alessi One Half Tam Tam

So what basin would you choose, vessel or undermount?

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  1. I did the vessel basin thing in the Bathroom-From-Heaven (still can’t get used to calling it that!), but reckon I’ll do use an undermount in the En-Suite when MOTH’s recovered sufficiently to start that reno. Don’t ask me why – it’s just a Millie thing! Great info. here thanks Jennifer.
    M x

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