Warm and Cosy

Well yesterday was the last day of Summer. Boo Hoo! I’m definitely a summer girl and would much rather be boiling than freezing.

Flickr from {{{tara}}}’s photostream

But even I can’t stop the seasons.

Flickr from Pisces {away}’s photostream

Some of my clients are starting to think about their winter rooms and what can be done to make their homes warm and cosy.

Flickr from jogroman’s photostream

I am looking at putting a stacked-stone fireplace in one house and have been searching for some images to inspire me and convey to the client what can be done.

From Australian House and Garden Photogrpaher Dan Magree

This might be a little too Alpine for a house in the suburbs.

From Australian House and Garden Photographer David Morcombe

And this is a little too neat for my client.

from Australian House and Garden Photogrpaher Steve Ryan

Getting warmer (sorry, bad pun). But the texture is good. (The view’s not bad either)

Not sure where this one came from. I had ripped it out of a magazine.

This could be a very real possibility. I like the colour of the stone and the pieces are not too little and not too big.

I’ll be sure to post the end result in a couple of months. Almost makes me want the weather to turn!

Well almost.

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  1. Oh, I’m so anxious for spring here in California, reading your words about fall actually makes me feel a little queasy. Like maybe I somehow missed spring and summer!
    I love the fireplace you call “neat”. Clean and crisp but still cozy.

  2. You have me excited about winter with this post! Love the fireplaces with the stone above them. Winter is always a welcome relief from the summer heat here in Brisbane! Tracey xx

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