Not waving but drowning

No, not quite, but I have been rather consumed by everything that’s going on, so the poor old blog has been neglected. Sorry for being AWOL for a while.

Ceiling and Walls painted in the family room

Ceiling and walls painted in the family room

Our house renovations are getting to the pointy end. It’s looking so good and I just want to wiggle my nose and be in.

Daughter's bedroom and ceiling

Daughter’s new bedroom and ceiling

My father-in-law (aka The Painter) has been here for two and half weeks and has been working non stop to get the interior of the house painted. My husband is helping on the weekends and does some prep work for him in the evenings. The colours all look great. (The one above and the one below are not the same, it just looks that way on the screen. Well it does on mine.)

Main bathroom tiled and painted

The tilers have been and tiled the bathrooms and laundry as well as the outside rear stairs and landing.

Ensuite tiled

And the floor has been put down in my new studio.

My new studio

The logistical nightmare is now upon us as we juggle all the tradies for the final two weeks. The cabinetmaker is still to bring in the laundry, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The electrician is to return to install all the light fittings. The plumber needs to come after the tilers to plumb in the toilets and then will return after the cabinetry to do the taps and basins. Shower screens and bathroom mirrors have been measured and will be installed also after the tilers. Then when they’ve all finished we can have the floors sanded, stained and polished (I’m going for a dark floor) and finally the carpet and curtains.

Then we can bring back the furniture and household items we packed away in storage 10 months ago and move in and enjoy Christmas in our new old home.

Storage container

Besides all that I’m trying to ensure all the jobs that are in the system for clients get completed and delivered prior to 24 December.

A new dining table was delivered for one client today and we are still waiting on a new sofa.

New dining table

We’re awaiting shutters for another client and curtains and blinds for two clients.

Shutters to go in here

A bathroom is having a makeover for another client and I’m still doing colour consultations for clients about to paint over the Christmas period or have painters coming in the New Year.

Downstairs bathroom about to have a makeover

The wallpaper hanger is booked for yet another client and a sofa is being carted off today to be reupholstered.

Wall awaiting wallpaper

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and we are all enjoying our “new” homes for the holidays.

Sofa to change from red to stone

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