Week 2 of our Renovations

Last week saw the end of week two of our renovation with more demolition and a little building work.

More demolition

We are taking off two 1970’s extensions and then rebuilding them bigger and better than there were. We are also rejigging nearly every room inside the house. The only room that will not be touched at all is the formal lounge room.

Formal Lounge Before

The dining room is pretty much staying as is. The room had three doorways and was used as a thoroughfare from the hall to the home office. To make the dining room more of a destination, two of the three doors are being closed up. The bricklayer has been busy this week closing in these doors.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room door bricked up

The original bathroom in the house is being converted to the master ensuite so it has been gutted and a new doorway cut in the wall between our bedroom and the bathroom.

Original Bathroom

Bathroom ready to become an ensuite

Master Bedroom Wall before

Master Bedroom with new entry to ensuite

Many years ago the front verandah was enclosed and turned into a walk in robe for the master bedroom. It had a step down and last week the builders levelled the floor.

The kitchen has been totally gutted and the back deck has been removed and the doorway to my daughter’s bedroom has been closed in and a new doorway made in the adjacent wall.

Original Kitchen

Gutted kitchen with door to dining room closed in

The builders have also marked out on the grass where the new building will be which brings it all into reality. We have been poring over these plans for the past 4 years but to see the markings on the ground and things starting to move is very exciting.

Demolished and marked out

We’re not up to choosing anything too exciting yet, just rain water tanks and skylights. I have revisited my external colour scheme and tweaked a few placements but still have time to reconsider the internals.

It’s so hard doing my own place because I know so much and seem to second guess everything!

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  1. Wow – such a lot of progress! I wish I could just rip up the interior of my house and get it moving but unfortunately I’m stuck with a very slow renovation timeline! I’m sure your place is going to look stunning when it’s finished! xx

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