A week away

from the everyday is always refreshing. But then why did it end up being three weeks?


That’s right it’s been three weeks since my last blog post! It wasn’t meant to be that way. You see I took a week off to drive to Brisbane and visit family as well as visit a couple of clients and prospective clients and then once you return from holidays there always seems to be so much to do to catch up.


But before I left Sydney, I spent a day photographing a number of my recently completed houses. Sharon Newman from SNPhotography was my photographer for the day. We managed to pack in 7 properties starting with a brand new apartment which my retired clients bought last year. Some of the furniture was new and some we arranged to have reupholstered to fit into the new surrounds.


Then it was on to a just completed kitchen and then two exterior shots where I had chosen paint colours.

Next up was a family home which had been extended and renovated. The new large bathroom looks fabulous and is one of the favourite rooms of the house.


Then on to another kitchen and family living room before heading to my own recently renovated house.


It was an exhausting day but I’m thrilled with the new photos which will be uploaded to my website portfolio. Elise from yELLE Styling was my styling assistant for the shoot too.

Then off to Brisbane which had consistent blue skies and sunshine while Sydney nearly drowned in a week of rain. I helped a couple of clients with paint colours for their homes and am looking forward to designing a new kitchen for a Brisbane client too.


It’s still school holidays so many of my clients are away or busy with their kids at the moment. But that doesn’t mean I’m sitting around twiddling my thumbs! I’m busy finalising colour schemes for a number of Sydney clients. It seems to be colour is the one thing that stumps most homeowners.

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