When Less is More

As an Interior Decorator, I’m often asked to assist clients create a certain style in their homes. Maybe they’ve travelled to Bali and were impressed with the relaxed lifestyle and indoor/outdoor decor. Or perhaps they holidayed in Morocco and loved the vibrancy of the colours and patterns in the buildings.

Main Public Square, Marrakech

Wherever they’ve been, many people love to replicate that exotic feel in their own homes.

The China Club, Hong Kong

However, it is not always practical to recreate these styles in their entirety in our homes. We need to consider the architecture and layout of the rooms of our homes as well as the lifestyle we lead. Unfortunately it’s not always as idyllic as it is when we are on holidays!

The Four Seasons Hotel, Jimbaran Bay, Bali

So maybe we just need to give the hint or impression of the style and that is enough to remind us and our visitors of another time and place.

Moroccan Tiles by Katie Ridder

Perhaps a mirror or light fitting, some wicker furniture or ceramic decanters will be enough to set the tone of the room rather than putting every aspect of the style into your home.

Cane furniture hints at Balinese Style

How do you decorate? Less is more or less is less?

Turkish bathroom

All images and sources can be viewed on our Pinterest Boards.

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