When white is not white enough

I was at the Caesarstone showroom last week when a lady came in to look at the white slabs. She was commenting to the showroom assistant that the Pure White and the Snow didn’t really look white. Her house was all black and white and she thought these colours looked too cream.

Caesarstone Whites

Caesarstone Whites

Choosing white is probably the hardest colour of all. When a “white” is put next to another “white” it suddenly doesn’t look “white” after all.

All white kitchen with Caesarstone Snow benchtops

All white kitchen with Caesarstone Snow benchtops

So how do you create a white kitchen (lets face it, everyone wants a white kitchen at the moment)? Firstly, choose your benchtop white. Caesarstone Snow, Pure White or Organic White are all very white but they each have a dash of another colour – yellow, grey, brown. But the trick is to match that white with the right white cabinets. If the benchtop has a touch of grey and the cabinets are stark white, then that’s the look you will end up with – grey benchtop and white cabinets. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you want. But to get an all white kitchen then you need to have a touch of grey in your cabinet white.

All white kitchen with Caesarstone Organic White benchtops

All white kitchen with Caesarstone Organic White benchtops

Marrying the right white with the white benchtop will give you a seamless look. The same rule applies to tiles and other surfaces. It’s always best to choose them first and then the paint as paint can always be matched to the surface but it’s a bit harder to choose the paint colour and then find the right surface to match that.

All white kitchen with Caesarstone Pure White benchtops

All white kitchen with Caesarstone Pure White benchtops

And always look at samples of the paint and surface in your own home not in the showroom under harsh lighting or when the slabs are vertical but in your kitchen the benchtop will be horizontal. That will have a big impact on the perception of the colour.

Matching the right white paint to the white tiles will give you that seamless white interior.

Matching the right white paint to the white tiles will give you that seamless white interior.

If you would like assistance choosing the right white for your kitchen, contact us for an appointment.


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  1. How hard is choosing white…organic white benchtop,….what colour cupboards

  2. Hi Cherl, You’re right choosing white is one of the hardest things to do. Just make sure your white flows on with the benchtop so it’s a continuation of the benchtop. Have look at Dulux Whisper White, Mt Aspiring and Snowy Mountains. Good luck!


  3. We are planning a new kitchen with gloss white cabinets. We like white caesarstone and were recommended snow. But in the showroom it looks very cream. Do you think snow will look OK with white gloss cabinets? We also are thinking of maximus for the island. Will that work with the snow bench/splash and gloss cabinets? Help ?

  4. We are remodeling our kitchen and I am hoping to get a white stone benchtop. I didn’t realize it would be so hard to find the right white! I really like your tip to match the cabinet colors to the benchtop color so you get that stark white effect instead of it looking like two different colors. If you take a sample of the stone to the paint store can they create a color that will match? Thanks for these great tips!

  5. Yes of course, all paint companies can make custom colours. I have even heard of one company being asked to match the paint to the inside of a dog’s ear! Nothing is impossible when it comes to paint.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    I have just come across your article about white and was hoping you could advise me if Dulux Natural white would work better with QQ white swirl or CS organic white? I am having a hard time trying to decide with my little samples. Thanks so much.

  7. Hi Mim

    I am unfamiliar with QQ White Swirl and do not have a sample so I cannot comment. In my light the Natural White looks a bit creamy with the CS Organic White and I prefer Snowy Mountains. It really is best to engage a Colour Consultant who will come with A4 swatches of the colours and large samples of the stone and look at them in your kitchen rather than trying to decide in a showroom where the light is different.

    Best of luck for a lovely new kitchen,


  8. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for providing help to us frustrated designers ; )

    I have chosen Caesarstone ‘snow’ on my bench top and island bench ..with Matt ‘no handle’ cabinetry..I’m deciding on the cabinet colour and have samples of Dulux Lexicon Quarter and White on White …I would like a white kitchen but not too clinical…what would you suggest? (My walls are whisper white).

    Thanks in advance ..Louise 🙂

  9. Hi Louise

    My “go to” white for Caesarstone Snow is Dulux Snowy Mountains. However, in saying this every colour looks different in every situation so best to check onsite either with test pots or a colour consultant who will have A4 swatches of the colours to place in your room.



  10. Hi
    My white gloss kitchen cabinetry has just been installed (not sure of the colour but it is more cool than warm) and my bench tops will be installed soon – large island Caesarstone Statuario Maximus (warm white with grey veining) with Caesarstone Snow for wall bench. What white wall paint would work best so that the island bench stands out and doesn’t look ‘dirty white’ or ‘cream’? Many thanks for any advice. Getting the right white is not easy!!

  11. Hi Karen, yes white is very tricky. It’s difficult to say without actually seeing all the components in your light but I would stick to the cooler whites like White Exchange, Rottnest Island, Vintage Linen or Grey Reflection, all by Dulux. Have a look at Dulux Lexicon too although in some light in can look a bit blue. Your new kitchen sounds gorgeous.


  12. Hi there, what a great article, we are building a new house and are tossing up two whites for the walk colour. Our kitchen is organic white ceasarstone with classic white sheen polytec but I’m not sure whether to go with taubmans snowy white or winter ice, could you help? Our kitchen will get a lot of north westerly light and we don’t want it to feel too clinical.

  13. Thanks for reading, Gulliver. There’s not much difference between the two but I would opt for Winter Ice as it is a tiny bit darker and will highlight the white cabinetry yet not make the room too stark especially if you receive alot of north westerly light.

  14. Kate Danielsen says

    Hi there, I’m with everyone else trying to pick the right white cabinet colours for my kitchen. I am using QQ machaelangelo on the benches with spotted gum floors and I want the room to feel warm rather than stark and cold. We have verandahs all around the house so it is a little dark in the kitchen. I like dulux snowy mountains but not sure if that’s the one to go with? Any suggestions would be great!

  15. Hi Kate

    Thanks for reading this post. I’m not familiar with Quantum Quartz Michaelangelo so can’t give an opinion sorry. As long as the white for the cabinets is the same as the background of the stone it will be fine. A creamier or greyer white will make the benchtop look dirty and you want it to be the star. If in doubt, take a piece of the stone to Inspirations Paint and see if they can give you a couple of options, then take them home and look at them in your own house. Good luck.


  16. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank for being generous with your time and advice. I have caesarstone pure white bench tops, and while I realise that it very much depends on the light in the room, I have heard that lexicon quarter is the ‘go to’ 2 pac paint for cabinets to match pure white bench tops. Is that your experience? I also quite like Casper white half with it too. The floors are a light grey polished concrete and the room faces east.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  17. Hi Jennifer, thanks for a great article. I am going through a similar dilemma to other readers. My entire house is painted Dulux Natural White, which I love. My new kitchen cabinets are matte Polytec Bespoke – a green grey – and I am struggling with the benchtop. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  18. Hi Kitty

    Thank you for visiting my website. I have found Lexicon in all it’s strengths can throw a blue undertone which may not work in your space. The Casper White Half is a bit on the brown side and will fight with the grey concrete flooring. Have a look at White on White which is a pure clean white.

    Happy choosing!


  19. Hi Dael

    Glad you found my article of interest. I would be heading to something with either chips or veins that has a light background but picks up the colour of your cabinetry. Have a look at Caesarstone Nougat or Calacatta Nuvo.

    Very exciting getting a new kitchen.


  20. Hi Jennifer,
    Great article! Choosing the right white is a lot harder than what I thought and your article has been helping a lot.
    We are currently renovating our kitchen and have chosen the Caesarstone Statuario Maximus for island and bentchtop (creamy but grey veins), shaker style cabinet in satin Lexicon quarter to go with our splash back which will be white gloss subway tiles with white grout. Know for the dilemma of choosing our wall colour… because of the grey veins in our Caesarstone and the cool white used for our cabinetry, we are thinking about using a cool white with a grey tint in it. We were thinking about using lexicon half but worried about the blue tint it can throw as our open plan doesn’t have a lot of natural light. I would love to hear your thoughts about what other cool white colour could work.
    Thank you 🙂

  21. Hi Candice

    That all sounds lovely. Naturally you would be best to test the Lexicon Half in your space but you could also have a look at Sky Painting, Snow Season Half and Terrace White for cool whites with a hint of grey.



  22. Hi Jennifer

    I’ve found this page really useful. We are currently building and have shortlisted Caeserstone White Attica for island and splash back and Snow for benchtops.

    What colour cabinetry and wall colours would work best? We are considering Lexicon half ceilings and whisper white walls with dark grey timber flooring.

    Would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks!

  23. Hi Shruti

    I have found Dulux Snowy Mountains Quarter Strength, Whistusnday Island and Rottnest Island all work well with White Attica. Have a look at them.



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