Which window coverings will I use?

This is one of the questions I’m often asked when I am decorating a home.

Like all things, there are just so many choices and it really depends on the homeowner as to what they like and what function the rooms will have.

However, I do have a couple of guidelines that make choosing a little easier.

Roller Blinds have been around for years. You can choose your own fabric and have it bonded onto a backing fabric to create a roller blind. That way you can match your décor and personalize the blind.

Bonded Roller Blinds by Inside Out Colour and Design

Ready-made roller blinds can be purchased from hardware stores and fabric stores like Lincraft or Spotlight. These are usually plain white or off white. The blind mechanism is at the top and when the blind is up you still see the mechanism but get left with a thin roll. They are usually spring loaded so no need for cords or chains. You will need a base bar or a ring pull to raise the blind.

Ready Made roller blinds

I usually recommend a roller blind for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry. They are cost effective, so if you are wanting a covering but don’t want to spend a lot of money, roller blinds could be the answer. If you are using a decorative fabric, make sure the roller is made with a reverse roll so when raised the fabric shows into the room.

Roller Blind with Reverse Roll

Sunscreen roller blinds have become popular lately. This fabric is a PVC or fiberglass coated mesh and allows the light in but still provides thermal qualities as well as the ability to reduce glare. It gives privacy and is a very streamlined look. My preferred area for installing sunscreen roller blinds is in the family living areas as usually these rooms are open to the outdoor living areas and as much light as possible is required.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds by Inside Out Colour and Design

For children’s bedrooms, I usually recommend roman blinds. They sit in the window reveal or just on the outside of the architrave so do not fall to the floor which is ideal if a bed or other furniture sits under the window.

Roman Blinds via Pottery Barn Kids

Any fabric can be made into a roman blind which means the blind will add a splash of colour or texture to the room. Blockout lining can be added to create maximum light control however light will still enter down the sides of the blind between the blind and the architrave.

Roman Blinds by Inside Out Colour and Design

They usually have a side cord that wraps around a cleat (gold or silver), which is screwed into the architrave or onto the wall. Australia safety standards dictate the cleat must be at least 150cm above the ground so the cord does not become a hazard to children.

Roman Blind Cleat

Curtains provide the best insulation as well as the best light control capabilities when blockout lining is added. The styles are endless but the most important aspect is to not be stingy with the amount of fabric used.It will make a big difference to the way the curtain hangs and looks.

Curtains just “kissing” the floor by Inside Out Colour and Design

Consider the style of heading of the curtain as well as the length. Personally, I prefer curtains that hang to the floor as short curtains don’t look right. If there is furniture in the way, then usually I would recommend a blind rather than a curtain but of course all rules are meant to be broken.

Interiors by Sherrill Canet

Curtains that puddle can harbour dust and bugs as well as become tripping hazards for pets and children. My preference is curtains that “kiss” the floor i.e. they sit just above the floor. Curtains are a more formal look so suit formal lounge rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms.

Puddling via Country Living

Shutters are a smart, streamlined, option which are custom made to suit the window. They can be painted in any colour, however most companies provide a standard range of colours with custom colours incurring a surcharge. Where possible we try and choose a colour from the standard range to help control costs.

Shutters by Inside Out Colour and Design

Shutters can make a room look clinical especially if there are limited soft surfaces in the room so soften the look with fabric sofas, rugs or carpet and textured cushions.

Interior Decor by Inside Out Colour and Design

Each panel is usually split horizontally so if privacy is an issue, the bottom section can be closed while the top section can be tilted to allow light and air to enter the room. Shutters are a good option if occupants have allergies.

Coddington Design via VT Interiors

There are many other alternatives but these are the ones I usually have clients requesting.

If you would like assistance choosing window coverings for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

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