Never have to work

When I first heard this saying, it rang true to me.

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I consider myself very lucky to be working in the field of interior design. It is no trouble for me to go to work every day and play with colour and fabric AND I get to meet some lovely people, both clients and suppliers.

But like all of us, there are days that make you wonder if you are really doing the right thing. Naturally things go wrong, hurdles are placed in front of us that we have to work through. But fortunately for me those days are few and far between.

Yesterday I received a lovely note from a client and it makes me realise that it’s all worthwhile.

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“Thank you” just doesn’t describe, or begin to describe how grateful we are for ALL that you have done for us over this past year.

What you have created in the transformation of our home is beyond anything we could have imagined. Everywhere we look we see beauty, harmony, warmth, calmness, balance and “completeness”. Your amazing and insightful gift of being able to “know” what we want even when we can’t always find the words or can picture it ourselves is reflected in the way our home now feels like a “perfect fit” for us.

Thank you also for your endless patience, gentle proding and good humour. You really have made this past 12 months so enjoyable!

We’ve been overwhelmed by your commitment and effort and time given, by your professionalism and by your exceptional expertise. In every way, you went above and beyond.

THANK YOU so very much!

Knowing I’ve brought such enjoyment to my clients makes me very satisfied with my lot.

It’s a long weekend here in Australia. We have Monday off to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. Enjoy!

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