Worst Dressed Wednesdays

Welcome to another post where we look at a property that has a “different” colour scheme.


This house has recently been repainted. It is a Sydney red brick Californian Bungalow and therefore there is not a great deal of painted surfaces. The gable, gutters and batons on the gable as well as the window frames and fences are about it. In my opinion the blue is too high chroma (too bright) and too clean to work harmoniously with the red brick.


Blue is the most popular colour in the universe and represents constancy and truth. If I had been asked to choose a blue for this house I would have knocked it back a bit, greyed it up, taken the red bricks as my lead and chosen a shade that would work with reddy, brown rather than zing away from it.

Something like

Dulux Blue Fin

Dulux Blue Fin

That would give a softer look alongside

Volcanic Brick


Dulux White Watsonia

Dulux White Watsonia

This mistake is made often, when combining colours on houses. Take the colour that is predominant and hang everything else off that bearing in mind the chroma level and whether the base colour is a warm or cool colour. Adding a bit of zing is great in clothing, especially beach wear but sometimes on a house it can look so wrong.

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  1. That is pretty awful alright! A muddier blue is definitely what is required here!

  2. Love the color palette you picked…looks like this homeowner could use a little consulting.

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