Worst Dressed Wednesdays

Today we’re looking at house that has been renovated with a second storey extension and a side…..um……box. I’m sure from the inside this addition has given the occupants much needed room but it’s not the prettiest thing from the exterior. And what makes it unattractive is not so much the choice of colour but rather the colour placement.

I’m only guessing, but originally the house would’ve looked alot like this one. Many houses in metropolitan Sydney suburbs that were established around the 1920’s looked like this – a Californian Bungalow. They were often made with this dark brown red brick. These houses traditionally would have been 2/3 bedroom, one bathroom, a lounge, dining room and kitchen. Naturally today they are being extended and that usually means upwards. The interiors are being reconfigured to accommodate larger families and our desire for indoor/outdoor living. Originally double brick, it is a costly exercise to keep the extensions in the same materials so often the upper story is Blueboard and painted or the whole house is painted so the extensions aren’t quite so obvious.


Extended Californian Bungalow fully painted

However this house has made the extensions stand out. The upper storey is only really visible from the back and as the house is on a corner allotment, that means everyone who passes sees the back as well as the front and the side with the “box”.

The brick box, which may have been there originally, is painted in a dark charcoal grey whilst the extensions are in a light yellowy cream. This dark colour really stands out against the lighter colour and seems to advance rather than recede, which is what I think it should do. We’ve talked before about making items which are not pretty stand out and in this case, I would’ve painted all the extension in the same colour rather than choosing different colours for different parts.

The front doesn’t look too bad except for that grey box on the right and the small window has been picked out in lemon.

The beauty of engaging a professional to assist in choosing colours is not only in selecting which colour and which shade but also where to place the colours. The colour scheme in this case is not the issue, it’s the placement which has spoilt it.

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  1. Yes, that is a very unfortunate box! What were they thinking! A-M xx

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