Absolutely Amazing

One of the places we visited on our recent holiday to the States was Las Vegas. We had a very packed two days and three nights in the place and it was “absolutely amazing”.

I loved seeing all the hotels with their international replica architecture but what really stood out was the lighting. I’m a sucker for interesting light fittings and think they can really pack a punch in a room.

I think I was the only person in the city taking photos of the ceilings.

I could just imagine the fun the interior designers had in putting all this over the top decor together and either sourcing or designing the fittings for each area of the hotels.

Like The Cosmopolitan which had a central Chandelier Bar with the biggest Chandelier I have ever seen. In fact it was the whole bar.

The other interesting lighting was in the foyer of the Bellagio Hotel. Looks like Murano Glass to me.

I mentioned on my Facebook Page how nice it was to see the many seasonal decorations and installations in the hotels and shopping centres, something we really don’t do in Australia, or if we do it’s not as grandiose as these.

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