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For many people buying, renovating or building a home can be a daunting prospect.

When we purchased our home in Sydney 12 years ago, we knew we wanted to change a few things and make the home suit our lifestyle better. The formal lounge and dining room were separate rooms and we considered knocking a hole in the joining wall to open the rooms but then the hallway would be a waste of space. We wanted to update the kitchen as it was well and truly past it’s use by date. I wanted a home office and the second bathroom was miniscule. We measured and measured and drew plans on bits of paper but just couldn’t get it all to work. img301 For the first twelve months after moving in, a builder was working on a house next door so one day I asked him if he could recommend an architect to help us with our ideas. Mum and Dad had built an architect designed home back in the late ’60’s so I knew the benefits of having professional input. We contacted one of the architects the builder suggested and were amazed at how they could transform our house into the home we knew it could be.


You see they see things differently. They know which would be the best side of the house for the living areas, how to get flow from one room to the next, how to maximise the space you have and what you can and can’t do to utilise it. We didn’t end up knocking a hole in the wall between the lounge and dining rooms keeping the formal part of the house as it was meant to be. But we did move the kitchen into the centre of the house (you know the hub of the home) and left the north east corner with the best light and views for the everyday living.


So now there is a new online portal ready to help with your home renovations or building. can demistify the process and make architecture something eveyone can easily access. An independent source of information and advice to help consumers understand what’s involved in renovating and building a home, the website is treasure trove of guidance, tips and tools that will help make your dream home a reality.


Plus it’s a place for consumers to see real stories, gather inspiration, ask questions, participate in webinars, discover events and engage with an architect.


Launched last week by the Australian Institute of Architects, is all about helping and guiding people through buying, building, renovating or maintaining their home and to help consumers build trust and confidence to engage and work with an architect.


“It’s a great chance to build a relationship between you and an architect.” Cameron Frazer from ask an architect comments. “An architect is a valuable and independent partner who can help you through the murky and complex world of building or renovating a home. They can be your trusted advisor.”

Whether you’re looking to buy, build, renovate or maintain a home, is there to help. The website is designed to help those who really aren’t sure where to start, and for those wanting easy to access quick online advice. If you’re buying, the site can guide you through home inspection tips, renovation advice, pre-purchase questions and other options.

“It’s a great way to begin working with an architect if you’re not sure where to start or what you want. Our fixed price services are the perfect answer to achieve the best advice within a budget.” Cameron adds.

The site also includes a handy online question and answer service, relevant upcoming events, the Find an Architect directory of professional architects, a gallery for inspiration and Pinterest tools to help you start collecting ideas.

So now you can complete lots of research before you even meet with your professional. Trust me, the more knowledge you have going into your build or renovation, the smoother the process will be. And if you’d like some assistance choosing paint colours and fixtures and fittings, you know where to come.

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  1. Wow! From ordinary home to extra ordinary one. So amazed with the outcome. I’m pretty sure the architect who transform your house to a home you dream of is so proud of the his work. 😉

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