Caring for your Deck

In Australia, we love our decks. There’s nothing better than an outdoor space with timber underfoot. We really feel like we’re living the dream entertaining outdoors on our decks. But the maintenance is a pain. To really look after our timber, it needs to be treated and cleaned on a regular basis. And at this time of year, it’s perfect for doing that. So I was pleased to see that Cabot’s have released a new timber wash designed to refresh the decking in between oil coats.

Oiling the deck

A wash down with this product helps remove dirt, dust, bird droppings (love the magpies singing on my deck, but hate the mess) and other hard to remove items to maintain its “good as new” appearance.


That will be better than sweeping, hosing and still not being happy. It will brighten up the area for the autumn entertaining season, before it gets too cold to be outdoors. It’s much more gentle on your timber than normal household cleaners.

Back Deck

Cabot’s Deck Wash is available from your local hardware store and a 1 litre bottle will give you about 6 washes. Guess what we’re doing this weekend?


Hot New Homewares from Target for Autumn/Winter

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen that yesterday I viewed the new homewares collection for Target Australia. Set up in a cute house in Paddington, the house was styled with the different items now available at your nearest Target store or online.

There were three different bedroom stories – colour, monochromatic and neutrals. They were all gorgeous and I was pleased to see the monochrome bed linen has a tribal influence. Do you receive my newsletter? Last month I was talking about Tribal patterns being everywhere at the moment. The great news is that Target are going to build on these schemes each season so you can add to the look rather than replacing it all.


It was really difficult to choose which look I liked best. The monochromatic (or as Target is calling it, Global Luxe) could work really well for a masculine room but equally a teenager or someone who loved the black and white look.


The neutrals (Lodge) had a fresh look and would be perfect for Hamptons style decor. Add in some navy and you have a classic look for any age.


The coloured bed linen was a lot of fun and suits it’s name of Soft Pop. You all now I LOVE colour.


The beauty of all these stories is there’s plenty of artwork and pretty bits to coordinate back to the bedlinen. Target now have an in-house design team based in Melbourne so the designs and styles are truly unique, on trend and very affordable. The new styles fall into the categories of Soft Pop, Global Luxe and Lodge and new products will appear in each of these styles each season and sometimes even during a season. Even the furry members of the family are catered for.


So now there’s no excuse to be on trend by injecting just one or two of these fabulous pieces into your home. But be careful, at these prices it could be hard to know when to stop!


If you would like assistance giving your decor a make-over, contact me for an appointment. Sometimes just an hour can you give you the direction you need.

It’s on again in Sydney

That’s right, it’s Sydney’s turn to host Indesign 2015. Get out your calendar or diary and mark the dates now! 13-15 August.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.54.22 am

Many years ago, when I was completing my Diploma in Interior Styling, I attended what was then called Saturday In Design. It was a fabulous day of open showrooms, installations and displays. Most of the showrooms were in Surry Hills and Alexandria and little shuttle buses would whiz (well maybe crawl in the Saturday traffic) between the showrooms and you could alight as you pleased. This even has now blossomed into Australia’s premier design event for architects, designers, specifiers, developers, manufacturers, product supplier and design lovers and alternates between Melbourne and Sydney each year.


The concept of open showrooms remains as do the shuttle buses but now instead of being on one day it takes place over three days offering members of the design community a chance to connect and interact through numerous touch points. This year the show will spread across four major design precincts (Surry Hills, Waterloo/Redfern, Chippendale and Alexandria) with over 40 showrooms participating. It’s a fabulous way to check out what each of the suppliers has on offer and store it away for future reference. Many of the suppliers choose this weekend to release their new products too.


There is also a seminar series which invites local and global though leaders to nut out key issues surrounding the disciplines and industry of architecture and design. Another major highligh is the launch of exciting new Australian designed and Australian made product.


So block out your diary for at least one of those days and make sure you register. It’s free! And to whet your appetite, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Hope to see you there.


Three Trends From the Trade Shows

It’s Home and Giftware Trade Show season in Sydney. Three fairs have been on over the past 5 days finishing today. I spent two days wandering the halls and suffering from overwhelm. There are just so many choices available on every level at every price point. Whilst I spend the time browsing for new products and catching up with suppliers, I also like drinking in the trends I can find. And this year there were three very distinct trends.

from Reed Gift Fairs Instagram Feed

from Reed Gift Fairs Instagram Feed

If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will already know that one of the emerging trends in Tribal. And that was evident at many stands during the show. Geometric patterns, earthy colours, black and white were all making their presence felt. From handbags to cushions, the tribal influence was everywhere. And if you don’t subscribe to my monthly newsletter, you can do so here.

Tribal Design right on trend

Tribal Design right on trend

And the colour copper was also out in force. We’ve been seeing this come through at the high end of the market over the last few years but after this trade show, I would say it’s main stream.

Copper Christmas Decorations

Copper Christmas Decorations

There were copper lights, copper jewellery, copper coloured planters, copper cutlery and even copper furniture. It certainly adds some sparkle and is a lovely warm metal for the ensuing cooler months.

Copper furniture, lights and trays

Copper furniture, lights and trays

And the third trend I noticed was Antlers. There was Christmas decor out for the retailers but Antlers weren’t just on the Christmas stuff.

Antler Coatrack

Antler Coatrack

Lamps, champagne buckets, bookends and of course deer heads with antlers in every conceivable shape, size and colour. Much nicer than taxidermy!

Antler Champagne Bucket

Antler Champagne Bucket

So there you have it, three trends you are going to see in all the retail outlets and magazines over the next few months. Would you add a touch of one or all these trends to your home? I’d be happy to help out! Perhaps you visited the fairs and found some other trends. Let me know in the comments below.



Welcome to The Year of The Goat

Year of the goat

Goat, Ram, Sheep, Ewe, I think it just depends on where you live and what connotations go with those animals. Goat? Maybe not too many people like to be called a goat, unless their acting it.

Year of the ram

So 2015 is the Year of the Ram in Chinese zodiac. Sheep are seen as auspicious animals so this year heralds a year of prosperity and promise. Yay! Goats are described as peace loving and kind  animals and couldn’t the world do with a large, healthy dose of that at the moment? Here’s hoping.

Timber Goat's Head

So how will you bring a bit of goat or ram into your home decor to give a nod to the Lunar New Year? You could invest in this wooden goat’s head for your wall. Although I’m not so sure about the colour.

The Goring

What about taking a cue from The Goring in London and putting a sheep in every bedroom? Or perhaps you’re saving up (or already own) a Lalanne Sheep just like Coco Chanel, Valentino and Marc Jacobs.


Whatever you do, Kung Hei Fat Choi, and bring on a year of peace and prosperity.


Addicted to Renovating

Do you follow The Interiors Addict? Jen Bishop started her blog four years ago and it has quickly become a fabulous resource of all things Interiors.

Last month Jen took on a new venture or sister site called Reno Addict to help quench our growing thirst for all things to do with renovating.

First job was to remove asbestos thanks to some 1970's additions

First job was to remove asbestos thanks to some 1970’s additions

I’m thrilled that Jen and her offsider Olivia, featured my own renovation on this new site. You can read all about our californian bungalow renovation. Thank you ladies.

The house was peeled back to the original 1929 build.

The house was peeled back to the original 1929 build.

Are you addicted to renovating? Do you have your own renovation story? Tell us in the comments .



I love renovating and creating the perfect home for it’s owners. If you would like assistance with your renovation, contact us for a consultation.



Bright Colours on Your Home

I recently contributed to an article on house colours for the Domain website. Most of us want our houses to look like all the other houses around and we certainly notice if someone has decided to paint their home a bright colour. Is it wrong?

Bright and Colourful Exterior chosen by Inside Out Colour and Design

Bright and Colourful Exterior chosen by Inside Out Colour and Design

No of course it’s not wrong, you can have whatever colour you desire but you do need to consider carefully if you want your house to be known as the “purple house” for instance or if you are happy for it to stand out in a sea of greys and taupes.

Grey Exterior Colour Scheme Selected by inside Out Colour and Design

Grey Exterior Colour Scheme Selected by inside Out Colour and Design

My theory is that as long as the combination of colours works together then the overall effect will be great. Unlike this house which I featured 5 years ago. It still hasn’t had a coat of paint.

Pink House

You can read the article here.

If you would like assistance choosing colours for your home, contact us for a consultation.


Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Armadillo&Co recently launched their new Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection with a soiree at the design studios of Landscape Designer, Adam Robinson.

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

The studio was packed with many from the industry trying to get a first hand look (and feel – they were soft) of the new rugs. They even gave one away, but alas I was not the lucky winner.


I loved the swing tables holding the food down the centre of the studio.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.56.39 pm

I think these rugs will be a welcome addition to the Armadillo&Co range and will provide some warmth underfoot for those outdoor entertaining rooms.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.37.36 pm

If you would like to make enquiries on this range of rugs, contact us.


Dark House Colours

As I drive around Sydney, I often find myself looking at recently painted houses and wonder what colours I would choose if I were asked to provide a colour consultation. I rarely see a colour I don’t like, (except maybe a colour resembling a baby’s dirty nappy) but I do see a number of houses where the placement of colour (or lack of it) does nothing for the house or the colour.

Nappy Colour

Nappy Colour

One such house was this one which has recently been painted and is now on the market.

Dark paint colour all over

Dark paint colour all over

I have no problem with the dark colour. Dark colours can add drama and sophistication but the fact that the entire house is painted in the same colour with no relief whatsoever leaves this house quite depressing to look at. Besides, it goes against all the pre-sales styling advice anyone in the industry will give – make the house appeal to a wide variety of prospective buyers. I think this dark colour will do the opposite!

This was Shannon Fricke's cottage in Bangalow where I went for a Styling Workshop.

This was Shannon Fricke’s cottage in Bangalow where I went for a Styling Workshop.

There are some wonderful examples of dark house colours when you google it.

Queenslander with a dark paint colour

Queenslander with a dark paint colour

But the houses that look fabulous have been teamed with loads of white to lighten the effect. Contrast is so important in any colour design whether it be inside or out. No contrast and the overall effect is just plain dull.

A stunning dark house with loads of white to add contrast

A stunning dark house with loads of white to add contrast

I think you have to be very brave to choose a dark house colour but the end result when done well is striking. What do you think, was this house epic fail or fabulous? I’ll be watching what the new owner decides to do with the colour.

This was the house prior to it's current paint job.

This was the house prior to it’s current paint job. Not great but at least there’s some contrast.

If you would like assistance choosing house colours and placement for your home, contact us for an appointment .

Greg Natale Wallpaper

Last week I attended the launch of the second collection of wallpaper by Greg Natale for Porter’s Paints.

I’ve become a bit of a “Greg Groupie”, attending the launch of his first rug collection, first wallpaper collection, launch of his book and oohing and aahing over his furniture line for World’s Away, carpet range for Designer Rugs, furniture for Stylecraft , tiles for Teranova and second rug collection also for Designer Rugs. Is there anything this man can’t do?

Arbour Wallpaper by Greg Natale for Porters Paints

Arbour Wallpaper by Greg Natale for Porter’s Paints

This new range of wallpaper is more geometric and tailored than the first. I loved the first range (I’m a big fan of stripes) however they were playful and fun whereas this geometric range is very considered and, well, tailored. Naturally, there’s alot of blacks and greys and a few touches of gold, which Greg uses in most of his interiors. They are so sophisticated.

Astoria Wallpaper by Greg Natale for Porter's Paints

Astoria Wallpaper by Greg Natale for Porter’s Paints

I can’t wait to use these papers in one of my designs.

Hellenica Wallpaper by Greg Natale by Porter's Paints

Hellenica Wallpaper by Greg Natale by Porter’s Paints

If you would like assistance choosing wallpaper for your home, contact us for an appointment.

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