At last week’s Reed Gift Fair, soft furnishing company, Bandhini released their Spring Collection. I didn’t make it to the fair so jumped at the opportunity to check out the new range at their Sydney showing at Boyd Blue.

Tai Shaffler, designer of Bandhini showed me around her new collection which was beautifully displayed in Boyd Blue’s Sydney showroom. Boyd Blue is an agent to a number of suppliers and their “Trade Only” showroom is always a delight to visit.

I couldn’t believe how well the new Bandhini collection complements the Designer Boys‘ artwork. Or is that the Designer Boys’ artwork complements the Bandhini range? Either way, they looked fabulous together and I had to ask if they had collaborated.

Tai said no and she remembered watching the boys on The Block thinking that they would love her stuff. She explained that when the did finally meet at a trade fair, the boys pretty much took everything on display. Definitely on the same wave length, still now!

Bandhini’s products are all made from natural fibres and vat dyes. Embellishments are attached by hand in the traditional style and inspiration comes from culture and nature.

You can see the exquisite detail in the Mother of Pearl Lumber cushion.

Shells, buttons, pearls, tufts, coins, sequins, felt flowers, tassels and even a horse bit are all sewn on to the covers to give a textural look and feel to any bed or sofa. With so many colours and patterns there’s something for everyone.

You can purchase Bandhini cushions and other soft furnishings through Inside Out Colour and Design. Contact us with your preferences.

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