Bathroom Stats

This past week I’ve been choosing all the bathroom fittings and fixtures for our home renovation. I’ve helped many clients design and/or remodel their bathrooms in the past so I pretty much knew what I wanted.

But I’ve still been going over and over all my choices, just incase there was something I hadn’t considered, that may be better. Agonising stuff! I’m usually pretty good at decisions but there’s alot riding on this renovation.

So, I bought the Australian House and Garden Bathroom Lookbook. It has a gorgeous bathroom on the front cover by the very talented (and very humorous) Camilla Molders.

I loved reading all the stats on bathrooms that was included in the back of the book.

Did you know?

1 is the average number of months it takes an architect to complete a bathroom renovation.

1.7 is the average number of bathrooms in an Australian home.

20 metres is the maximum distance you should have between your hot-water system and bathroom outlets.

14,500 is the number of litres of water saved per year in an average home by installing a water-efficient showerhead.

89 is the number of 300mm square sheets of mosaic tiles you’ll need to cover an average wall measuring 2.7metres square.

18 years is the lifespan of the average bathroom.

600mm x 300mm is the most popular choice for wall tiles and 450mm x 450mm for floors.

20mm is the recommended step-down in the shower area of a wet room to prevent water seeping onto other parts of the floor.

500mm is the recommended depth for a bathroom benchtop.

4 is about how many hours you’ll need to wait for the tile grout to dry.


$18,500 is the cost of the average bathroom renovation.

If you would like assistance with your bathroom renovation, contact us for an online or in-person consultation. Or for more bathroom inspiration, visit my Pinterest Bathroom Board.


**All bathrooms designed by Inside Out Colour and Design and photographed by Lyn Johnston Photography***



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