Birds of a Feather

Set of three standing bird ornaments

As an Interior Decorator, it is our responsibility to keep up to date with the latest trends and products available on the market. One of the ways to keep updated is to visit Trade Fairs from time to time. Last week there were three being held simultaneously in Sydney.

Bird on a soapdish

It was an exhausting week visiting each of the gift and homewares fairs and after the visits the brochures and flyers that I’ve collected need to be filed and bookmarked for future reference.

Birds on a clock

It’s also good to sit back afterwards and think about the shows on a whole and look for trends in decor and homewares.

Birds on the top of a tiered cake stand

One of the trends I noticed was the Bird Trend. There seemed to birds everywhere on all sorts of decorator pieces for the home.

Birds on a scatter cushion

Eighteen months ago it was the Bird Cage Trend. So I guess it only follows that now everyone has a cage, they now the birds to go with the cages.

Bird on a paperweight

Or is it all the interest in Twitter?

Antique looking wallhook

If you would like to add some birds to your home decor, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


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