I have a confession to make, I heart Bling.


The term originated in the late 90’s by Rap artists B.G and Cash Money Millionaires and over the last decade we have seen bling in every possible application.

Bandhini Sapphire3

It gives a Luxe or Glamorous bent on all manner of items. With the onslaught of the GFC, I was sure the shiny, glossy look would disappear.

Ammon Side Talbe from Cafe Lighting

So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted these new shoes for summer beach fun today.



There’s just something about a bit of bling that lifts your spirits and makes you happy. So I can continue to put chandeliers in homes and use metallic paint on walls.

Charlize Pendant Cafe Lighting

Not everywhere, mind you, just here and there as needed.

Picture 7

Dining rooms and Master (or teenage girl’s) Bedrooms look great with a bit of bling.

Pictures from Open Salon, Bandhini, Cafe Lighting, Holster, Cafe Lighting, Bandhini.

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