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Red and Gold Asian Artwork One of the last items to go into a home makeover is usually art pieces and other wall decoration. Sometimes the client already has a collection of pieces they have acquired over the years and they may choose to use them (hanging them in a different location or having them reframed) or perhaps new pieces are required.

Original artwork I find art a very personal item and therefore don’t tend to get too involved in the selection when assisting clients decorate the home in which they will live. However, over the years I’ve collected a vast array of websites and stores which specialise in artworks and I usually steer my clients towards them to make their own choices. Some of these are more decorator pieces to coordinate with the decor and colour scheme of a room. Many times that’s all a client requires, just something to fill a space and create some interest.

Blue and Yellow artwork Art galleries and dealers can be very helpful when looking for original artworks. You don’t have to pay a King’s Ransom to own original art either. There are many affordable artworks on the market. A dealer can help locate the perfect piece to suit your budget. Many local schools and charities hold Art Shows to raise funds and these too can be a great source of works.

Red and Orange Artwork However, I still feel the artwork needs to speak to the occupants of the home and be their selection. I would hate for any of my clients to tell their friends that “it’s there because the decorator said so”. A house has to reflect the personality and styles of the client to be truly comfortable. Choosing artworks can be a very lengthy process. Only purchase something when you are positive that you will be happy looking at it every day of the week.

Brown and Blue Bedroom Some of my “go to” places for sourcing artworks are listed below. Check them out for yourself. And don’t forget if you need some assistance putting the final touches onto your home renovation or make-over, contact us for a consultation.

Seaside Canvas

Botany Bay Art

La Grolla

Designer Boys

Smart Art Direct

Gallery Oscar

Soho Art Gallery

Dalozzo Art Gallery

Robyn Kennedy

Karen Benton

Urban Road


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