Bye Bye Bling

I  enjoyed my day at Life In Style Trade show on Friday. I promised to report back on anything interesting that I found.

Gigi Chair made from recycled polyethylene.

The one thing that stood out when I looked at the show overall, was the absence of bling. Bling has been around for many years now with metallic paint, metallic tiles and shiny surfaces on lighting and fabrics. I did wonder if the GFC would eradicate bling but until now I hadn’t seen any sign of it disappearing.

Bed linen from Bianca Lorenne

Most of the items on display at last week’s trade show were made from natural fibres or reused and repurposed products.

China Butterflies made from Reclaimed China Saucers

Even the jewellery on display seemed to be more subdued than in previous years. It’s still fun and bright and makes a statement but it’s not shiny or showy.

Red Resin Bangle from Polka Luka

One of the different items I did find at the show was a new coloured range of lights from Who Did That.

A range of Grandeliers, that are made from sustainably grown timbers in Tasmania, have been sprayed with felt transforming the timber lights to something colourful and quite retro.

Flocked Grandeliers

What do you think? Do you like this new colourful range?

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