Bye Bye Winter

I for one will not be sorry to say goodbye.

I loathe the cold weather and can’t function properly when it’s cold and miserable. So I am very excited that tomorrow will be Spring.

And that means shedding the dark, cosy, colours of winter and injecting some sweetness and light into the wardrobe and the decor.

There’s nothing like the colours of nature in spring to add some life. Soft pinks, fresh greens, buttery yellows and sky blues will have you skipping through your home in such a happy mood.

Always consider the amount of natural light a rooms gets before choosing colours. South facing rooms receive little direct sunlight and therefore pastels or neutral shades are ideal. North facing rooms are usually flooded with light, either direct or indirect, all day so in the warmer months they can feel a little hot. Choose cool colours for these rooms.

Helloooo Spring!

If you would like assistance choosing colours for your decor, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.



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