Cape Cod and Beyond

We have well and truly left New York behind now. We’ve been travelling around New England and taking in the sights we’ve read and dreamed about.

Newport House

Our first stop was Newport, Rhode Island. Famous for the home of the America’s Cup (which Australia won in 1983) and historic houses from the Gilded Age. It is a colourful, harbour town with cute homes and lots of shopping.

One of the historic homes

From there we drove the entire stretch of Cape Cod to the very tip and stayed overnight so we could explore the town the next morning. Cape Cod homes have a big influence on the houses in Australia and many people would like to replicate the style. The easy-going relaxed lifestyle suits our Australian way of life.

Cute Cape Cod Home with bright yellow door

Then it was into Massachusetts to meet up with fellow blogger Linda Merrill. Linda writes a number of blogs including Surroundings and Silver Screen Surroundings as well as co-hosts the popular podcast The Skirted Roundtable. I’ve been following Linda for a number of years now and we have exchanged emails and blog comments from time to time. When I knew we were visiting her “backyard” I emailed her for some insights into things to see and do for an Interior Decorator from Down Under. In true Linda style, she emailed back with loads of ideas and information so it was only natural that we should meet for a bite.

Linda and Me

We met in her pretty hometown for lunch and a long chat on design, country similarities, what’s popular and general chit chat before heading further up the coast to Maine.

One of the "neat" houses in MA

I wish we had more time to explore this interesting and beautiful state. The houses are so cute and the word “neat” kept popping into my head when I stopped to snap photos of them. I’m not sure what makes them appear so neat. Maybe it’s the symmetry of the architecture or the neat gardens. Maybe it’s the high pitched roofs which don’t attract leaf litter or maybe it’s the manicured, green lawns.

Don’t you agree, the houses here are “neat”? You can check out more photos on my Facebook page. Don’t forget to “like” it while you’re there.


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  1. I loved Cape Cod when we visited a couple of years ago especially the cute houses and Maine Lobster! Cx


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