Hot New Homewares from Target for Autumn/Winter

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen that yesterday I viewed the new homewares collection for Target Australia. Set up in a cute house in Paddington, the house was styled with the different items now available at your nearest Target store or online.

There were three different bedroom stories – colour, monochromatic and neutrals. They were all gorgeous and I was pleased to see the monochrome bed linen has a tribal influence. Do you receive my newsletter? Last month I was talking about Tribal patterns being everywhere at the moment. The great news is that Target are going to build on these schemes each season so you can add to the look rather than replacing it all.


It was really difficult to choose which look I liked best. The monochromatic (or as Target is calling it, Global Luxe) could work really well for a masculine room but equally a teenager or someone who loved the black and white look.


The neutrals (Lodge) had a fresh look and would be perfect for Hamptons style decor. Add in some navy and you have a classic look for any age.


The coloured bed linen was a lot of fun and suits it’s name of Soft Pop. You all now I LOVE colour.


The beauty of all these stories is there’s plenty of artwork and pretty bits to coordinate back to the bedlinen. Target now have an in-house design team based in Melbourne so the designs and styles are truly unique, on trend and very affordable. The new styles fall into the categories of Soft Pop, Global Luxe and Lodge and new products will appear in each of these styles each season and sometimes even during a season. Even the furry members of the family are catered for.


So now there’s no excuse to be on trend by injecting just one or two of these fabulous pieces into your home. But be careful, at these prices it could be hard to know when to stop!


If you would like assistance giving your decor a make-over, contact me for an appointment. Sometimes just an hour can you give you the direction you need.

Colour for Spring and Summer

I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions I am definitely a Spring/Summer person rather than an Autumn/Winter person. I hate the cold and if the mercury drops below 25C then I’m pulling on layers.


So this time of year I’m in my element as the shops start stocking the new season ranges. The added colour is a welcome sight after months of dark, dismal colours.


Last week I had a sneak peek at the new range of cushions from Rapee. They will be available later this month. Nothing says warmer months more than blues, yellows and greens and Rapee have a great range in these colourways.

Santorini 50cm Zest

Florals are not going anywhere soon either with a gorgeous selection of cushions which look like they’ve been handpainted with floral blooms.


And I couldn’t resist this cute camera cushion. Perfect for all those Instagram fanatics.


Rapee also has a selection of table placemats and runners and don’t forget the Florence Broadhurst range. There’s soft furnishings to suit every home.

Dusk Group_CAS

If you would like assistance choosing soft furnishings for your home or would like to place an order for any of these cushions, contact us.

Ginkgo Leaf

You will remember I advised last year the new online shop, Ginkgo Leaf. Well I am delighted to announce that there is a now retail shop where you can browse, touch and feel the selected Japanese products curated by owner Yew Kong Tham.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.52.50 pm

Japan hosts probably the world’s largest collection of skilled artisans. However, until recently Australian consumers have had few opportunities to access these quality artisanal products. Ginkgo Leaf’s mission is to showcase well-designed contemporary Japanese home wares sourced directly from Japan.


Yew Kong Tham, founder of Ginkgo Leaf says “Good design is our value proposition. It equates to heirlooms for keepsake and we are big on simplicity and functionality.”

Ginkgo Leaf

43A Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025

Open Wed-Fri 10am -5.30pm; Sat – Sun 11am to 5pm.


If you would like assistance sourcing specific products for your home, contact us for an appointment.

Spring/Summer at Target

It’s cold and wet here today in Sydney. Maybe a sign that Winter is finally on it’s way? So what better time to take a look at the new Spring/Summer homewares soon to be released at Target.


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to view the new collection which I must say is alot of fun.


As you know I’m a big colour fan so I was thrilled to see a great selection of colours.


There is a strong emphasis on Nautical for the coming warmer months. Perfect for Sydney with all that water around.


There were liberal smatterings of red, white and blue and a touch of yellow too.


Of course white tableware never goes out of style and can be dressed up for the special occasion dinner or looks equally at home outdoors around the barbie.

Watercolour Cushion $20 Watercolour Bird Cushion $20

And the watercolour effect looks like it’s here for a bit longer too.

The collection will be in stores in July so make sure you hurry in and grab the items you like, ready to give your home a Spring makeover come September.

If you would like assistance finding the right homewares for your home, contact us for an appointment.

Sizzling Summer Soft Furnishings

This week I received the new KAS Australia catalogue in the mail. It was like receiving a magazine. It is truly so beautiful and every page beckons me to jump on in.

KAS Summer Catalogue

KAS Summer Catalogue

The new collection is fabulous with loads of colour (as you would expect for summer).

KAS Natasha Bed linen and cushions

KAS Natasha Bed linen and cushions

There’s some ethnic type patterns.

KAS Martinique Bedcover

KAS Martinique Bedcover

As well as bright florals which are teamed with geometric patterns.

KAS Delphi Bedlinen

KAS Delphi Bedlinen

And for those who like their bedroom calm and relaxing, there’s a range of white bedlinen with beautiful textures.

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

If you receive my monthly newsletter, you will have read of the latest watercolour trend where the item looks like someone has just finished painting it. Look, KAS have included the trend in this collection too.

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

If you would like to add some new cushions or bed linen to your home, contact us as we can supply KAS Australia products directly to you.

Gelati Colours

Yesterday morning on my walk around the suburb, I noticed the window in the local dress boutique had changed.

I didn’t take too much notice other than it had changed and there were some pretty colours there. Half way down the street, I did a double take and a U turn and headed right back to that window.

New season fashion in the local boutique window

New season fashion in the local boutique window

I stood there looking trying to remember where I had last seen that colour combination. Then it hit me. I had a dessert a few months earlier those very same colours. They are sugary colours, aren’t they?

Dessert with Persian Fairy Floss

Dessert with Persian Fairy Floss

Lemon, mint and pale pink are definitely gelati type colours. Each of these hues are exactly the same on the grey scale so not one colour dominates. They all sit perfectly harmoniously together and look very delicate.

Pink, green and yellow living room

Pink, green and yellow living room

So I started to wonder if that combination was out there in home decor.

Young girls' room decorated in Gelati colours of pink, green and yellow

Young girls’ room decorated in Gelati colours of pink, green and yellow

What do you think? Would you use this combination of colours in your home?

Scatter cushion in pink, green and yellow although a little more neon than the dessert

Scatter cushion in pink, green and yellow although a little more neon than the dessert

If you would like assistance choosing colours for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


She’s here, she’s here!

Remember earlier in the year I alluded to the fact that Florence Broadhurst patterns would soon be available in a number of home accessories?

Page 4-5 main_B

Well I’m pleased to tell you, they are here. I was fortunate enough to attend the launch in April and had a sneak peek at the beautiful cushions (for both inside and out) and placemats.


They are all so colourful and I’m sure Florence would be very impressed with Rapee‘s application of her patterns.


At the launch, I was given a Kitchen in a Bag which is a cotton bag printed with one of Florence’s patterns and contains an apron and oven mitts in the same pattern. They would make a fabulous gift for anyone who loves cooking.


David Jones and Domayne are stocking this range or we can order them for you.

Page 8-9 Main F

If you would like assistance adding accessories to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation. Don’t forget, most items you see in magazines or online can be sourced through us at our trade prices.

My Mum the Artist

Ever since I can remember, my Mum has painted. My grandmother used to have a painting in her lounge room of Peter Pan which Mum had painted at the age of 7. She won an art competition with that very painting.

The Cloche -Art Deco painting incorporating textiles and embellishments as a phone case

The Cloche -Art Deco painting incorporating textiles and embellishments as a phone case

In my early years, I remember her going to Chinese Painting classes and has often said that medium gave her discipline with her brush strokes. Over the years she has studied with some of the greatest contemporary Australian artists and has used their styles and methods but changed it to suit the way she paints. Her work has always evolved.

Print of Carnevale original painting by Dulcie Clegg

Print of Carnevale original painting by Dulcie Clegg

I have no doubt my eye for colour and design stems from being surrounded by art and colour all my life. Mum has an uncanny knack of seeming to know the latest colour or trend. Many a time I’ve returned from trade fairs and rung her to say there was a profusion of dragonflies or purple or art deco at the fair only for her to tell me that she had just completed a painting with that colour or motif.

Taking Flight by Dulcie Clegg as an iPad Skin

Taking Flight by Dulcie Clegg as an iPad Skin

Mum’s just been down in Sydney from her home in Brisbane. I took the opportunity to load some of her artworks onto Society 6. This website will provide giclee prints, ipod and phone cases as well as cushions from her artwork. It’s very exciting seeing her paintings transformed into cushions and other medium.

Enchanted Garden by Dulcie Clegg as a cushion

Enchanted Garden by Dulcie Clegg as a cushion

I feel very fortunate to have such a talented mother. Contact me if you would like further details of her work.



Emerging Trend?

Have you noticed a profusion of African inspired decor lately?

Bold patterns and colours give that African feel

Bold patterns and colours give that African feel

I know, it’s always been around but of late there seems to be a bit more of it and in all sorts of items. I don’t think we’re heading down the path of decorating a complete room in African style but more touches here and there. What do you think?

All the elements that make up African Style decor

All the elements that make up African Style decor

Perhaps it’s our climate and love of the outdoors that resonates so well with the African Safari Style which is then translated into our decor. There’s also a big push back to handmade items which any ethnic culture has valued for years. And African style is more simplistic which balances our love of technology and helps create a soothing, relaxing space.

African Style Corner

African Style Corner

Much of the strength of African Style emerges through texture. Natural fibres of Jute, sisal and seagrass are used for flooring while banana fibre and papyrus are used in woven baskets.

African Woven Basket

African Woven Basket

Rapee have recently released a range of cushions in bright colours and rich textures which would give an African lift to your room.

African Inspired cushions and throws from Rapee

African Inspired cushions and throws from Rapee

Lighting is warm and golden, utilizing rustic iron candelabra and wall sconces. Table lamps incorporate palm or pineapple motifs in their bases, whilst unique shades made from feathers or quills convey the safari ambiance.

Lamp Base with Pineapple Detail

Lamp Base with Pineapple Detail

Furniture features rich timbers with stylised accents or folding furniture which would be used on Safari.

Campaign Desk

Campaign Desk

These gorgeous pieces are based on the campaign furniture used on Safari and are available from one of our suppliers here in Australia.

African Campaign Chest that doubles as a bar

African Campaign Chest that doubles as a bar

Comfort is foremost in an African decor, with an overall effect of effortless luxury, a sense of adventure, but always relaxed and in harmony with nature.

Brightly Coloured Juju Hats

Brightly Coloured Juju Hats

If African Style would suit your home, you may be interested in reading Safari Style by Natasha Burns or contact us for assistance sourcing your items.

Florence is coming to a store near you

I’m a HUGE fan of the fabrics and wallpapers of Florence Broadhurst.

I read the book on this amazing woman about 8 years ago and was fascinated by her life. She was a Queenslander and had the ability to turn her hand at whatever career she chose while travelling the world. One year she was a singer and dancer in China and the next she was a French clothier in London. And all this was back in the ’30’s and 40’s when women didn’t do things like that. She was so ahead of her time! And then she met an untimely death when she was murdered in her studio at Paddington in Sydney. The murder remains unsolved.

Japanese Floral

When she returned to Australia she set up shop and created hand printed wallpapers. These wallpapers and their patterns are still popular today. Her artworks have been recreated as rugs, clothing, homewares and fabrics.

Dinner Set

And in June this year, you will be able to add those very same patterns to your home in soft furnishings. Australian home textile label, Rapee will release The Broadhurst Collection which will be available in five stories and a number of colourways.
These exceptional designs will be printed on premium fabrics using various techniques including: 100% silk jacquards, embroideries on 100% cottons, foil prints on 100% linens and prints on cotton linen blends. The palette extends to bolts of blue; tranquil sea foam, denim and periwinkle; as well as punchy coral and flamingo fuchsia. The collection also welcomes shades of yellow and high-wattage metallic which will help to create richness and playful elegance while putting a fresh spin on timeless designs.

The Florence Broadhurst collection will be sold initially through department stores and boutique homeware retailers, and will arrive in store from June 2013. Prices start from $99 for embroideries, through to $120 for 100% silk scatter cushions.

I can’t wait!


If you would like assistance adding a touch of Florence to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

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