All Blues Go Together

I love this room designed Mabley Handler by for the Hamptons Designer Showhouse.

via Pinterest

I’ve always liked blue and been a firm believer of the adage that all blues go together.

I’m not so sure it works for all colours though. Apparently all greens also go together, but I’m not so sure I could use olive and lime in the one scheme.

Dulux Greens

What do you think, could you be just as comfortable immersed in a green room as a blue room?

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Sneak Peak

I thought I’d share a couple of jobs I am currently working on.

The first is to find fabric to recover these chairs.

Chairs to be reupholtered

The clients have ordered a new sofa and two comfortable armchairs in this leather.

Leather samples

So we need to find a fabric that will co-ordinate with the colour of the leather, not look too heavy and give a new lease of life to these chairs.

Chair Fabric Options

The other aspect is these chairs may not necessarily reside in the same room for the rest of their life so we need a fabric that will work in the other rooms of the house, like a bedroom, for instance.

By choosing a colour scheme for the whole house allows furniture to move around the house as needed.

Formal Room

Another client I am working with, is gradually putting their stamp on the house they bought a year or so ago. We are now looking at the formal rooms at the front of the Federation Style home.

I am convinced that buying a house is always a compromise and there are many things the new home owner will want to change but equally there are many things that should not be touched as that is why the house was purchased in the first place.

The curtains in this room are way too stuffy for my clients. They are in good condition so with a little tweaking we are retaining them instead of starting over. We’ve chosen a new wall colour and the painters move in next week.

Original Curtains

The lounge suite that came from their previous home is in near perfect condition so we are going to leave that and work it in to the scheme.

Formal Room

The dining chairs need recovering so my task has been to source some wallpaper for a feature wall in the dining room as well as fabric to recover the dining chairs.

Dining Chairs to be recovered

I’ve come up with a number of colour ways that will all work back to the goldish sofas, the cream silk curtains and the new paint colours.

Navy Blue Scheme with Wallpaper and fabrics

It’s always interesting to see which scheme appeals to the client. They often ask me what would I choose, and I can’t honestly answer.

Duck Egg Blue Scheme with Wallpaper and Fabrics

I like them all (remember I’ve chosen them) but at the end of the day I go home to my house and my client stays with the new decor, so it has to be their choice. My job is to narrow down the search and make sure everything works together and my clients end up with a comfortable home that oozes their personality and preferences.

Black Scheme with white and cream

Often clients are quick to dismiss the options they DON’T like which makes the decision that much easier. I always say it’s just as important to identify what you don’t like as well as what you do.

Aubergine Fabrics

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Beaded Chandeliers

Turquoise Basket Chandelier via Pinterest

I’ve been Ooohing and Aaahing over the basket chandelier for a while now. I’ve only seen images of them in overseas magazines and online.

Scalloped Wooden Beaded Chandelier via Pinterest

They certainly make a statement.

That Turquoise Beaded Chandelier again, via Pinterest

So I was delighted to find that one of our suppliers has just started stocking a version here in Australia.

Turquoise Beaded Chandelier $1235 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

Turquoise Beaded Chandelier $1330 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

They would look great in a bedroom, over a dining table or in an entry. I can’t wait to use one in a project.

Black and Natural Beaded Chandelier $1230 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

Black and Natural Beaded Chandelier $1330 plus shipping from Inside Out Colour and Design

What do you think? Do you like this look?

Contact us if you would like to purchase one of these new light fittings or if you need assistance finding the perfect light fitting for your home.

Dining Room Lights

I am currently working with clients who are renovating their home by adding a new extension. It will be the new hub of the house containing the kitchen, dining and living areas.

Simple drum shade

The electrician has been in this week so our attention has moved to light placement and fittings.

Two lights work beautifully in this dining nook by Windsor Smith

Most of the area will have downlights installed but the dining table deserves a feature light. In a wide open space, it’s always good to define the areas. The kitchen will be a galley style, so a bench will separate it from the rest of the area. Placement of the sofa will define the living area and a large light fixture will define the dining area.

Oversized Ikea Maskros Light

An oversized light fitting creates drama in a dining room. When the table is set ready for a meal, the crockery, cutlery and napery add interest to the room but when the table is not in use, it’s usually the light fitting that becomes the focal point.

via Sherrill Canet Interiors

The light fitting in an open plan dining room doesn’t need to be the sole source of light so it’s not necessary to swamp the room with maximum wattage. Often times, the table will be decorated with candles and there will be lamps on in the adjacent living room and a light on in the kitchen.

Nelson Bubble Light hung low over the dining room table

My advice in choosing a dining room light fitting is to choose more for aesthetics than practicalities – form over function!

Gorgeous lantern light

You can find these images and more on my Dining Room Pinterest Board.

Dining Room Pendant with adjacent kitchen downlights

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I’m so sorry I’ve been Missing In Action this past week and a half. The time is just flying bye and I can’t believe I’ve missed so many posts.

It’s such a hectic time for everyone. Apart from finishing off the Christmas shopping, we have a number of December birthdays and I have been helping to celebrate and trying out four new restaurants in Sydney.

The first was The Winery in Crown Street. I’d been there earlier in the year for lunch and although it’s been around for a while thought the family might like to see the quirky decor.

We also went to a new local Italian restaurant. The decor there was very sleek, which in my mind doesn’t really suit the Italian food. I imagine Italian food to be more comfort food and therefore want the decor to be more cosy and homey. The red and black glass mosaics on the stark white walls were out of keeping for me.

I tried Pony Dining too. What a great space! And the food and service were excellent. Lots of use of timber on the inside made the decor very warm but it still had an air of sophistication.

Then one last birthday was celebrated at Felix in the city. It’s a little spot of Paris right in the heart of Sydney. Food and service were great and the decor was so very authentic.

I’m still helping clients with Colour Consultations before Christmas as they have painters lined up for early in the New Year and I have been buying bed linen for another client.

But the highlight of the past ten days would have to be my darling daughter being appointed as girl School Captain for 2012. We are all so proud of you sweetheart.

I’m going to now, officially, take a few weeks off to celebrate Christmas and New Year and recharge the batteries after a very busy year. I trust you have an enjoyable holiday season. I thank you for joining me throughout 2011 and look forward to your company again in 2012.

See you soon.

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The C Word

I really don’t want to say it. Not yet anyway. But it would appear I can’t avoid it any longer.

Christmas is just around the corner.

via Pottery Barn

But there’s still time to create some beautiful linen for your Christmas table.

Very talented Brisbane lady, Jacqueline has created a range of designs for you to decorate your own Christmas tablecloth, runner or napkins.

Take a look and create something stunning that will be passed down through the generations.

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Fashion Colours for Spring

I managed to take some time out last week and have a stroll around my local shopping centre checking out the new season fashions. I love the change of seasons and seeing the new colours gracing the shop windows and soon to be our wardrobes and then of course our home decor.

Many of the shops were featuring the classic black and white stripes.

Jessica Stripe Dress from Queenspark

Black and white has been gracing our lives for the longest time. It looks very modern yet can be at home in any decor. And no matter what decorator colour you add, your room is going to look fabulous.

via Decorpad

Coloured jeans are also this season’s “must haves”. Watermelon, Steel and Desert are the colours of one particular fashion store.

Sportscraft Coloured Jeans

Those colours sound a bit better than red, blue and brown, don’t they? But watermelon is softer than red and much easier to live with as decor pieces in the home.

Jonathan Adler via Elle Decor

Steel is like a washed out navy and is ideal for a more relaxed room. You could even paint a wall or two in steel rather than the stronger navy blue.

Steel Blue Dining Room

We’ve all been through the browns over the past decade or so. Many of our houses (and wardrobes) still have remnants of chocolate, latte, cappuccino and mocha so Desert is a way to add depth without having to start all over again. It can be teamed with a wide variety of colours too!

Bianca Bed Linen from KAS Australia

And then I saw this stunning colour combination.

via Kookai

The zing of the orange is balanced beautifully with the depth of the cranberry.

Orange and Cranberry for Warwick Fabrics

So what colours are you wearing or decorating with this Spring?

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Speak to me

Sometimes I see an interior that somehow speaks to me.

Click on image for source

I saw this on the Better Homes and Gardens website and immediately was drawn to it. I feel it epitomises the look of today with the mixture of old and new, handmade and bought. The shiny modern table in glass and metal with the vintage bench seats, the handmade lampshade and sheer curtains along side the newish armchair all make up a “collected” room. Even the dishes and glassware on the table look as if they have been bought on numerous visits to the second-hand stores. And of course the cupcakes are homemade and the flowers are freshly picked from the garden outside.

There’s something comforting about this room. Would you care to join me for a cup of tea?

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What do you think of wallpaper?

I stumbled across a forum the other day where the topic of discussion was wallpaper. I was surprised to read that a number of people in the forum STRONGLY disliked wallpaper.


However, I think many people are confusing today’s wallpaper with the papers that were most probably in their childhood homes. Those patterns were very busy in strong colours and the paper was difficult to both instal and remove. And the trend was to have just as much pattern on the soft furnishings and flooring as there was on the walls and curtains. No wonder we all had to have a Bex and a good lie down!


Todays papers are much more elegant in their colour and design and are used in moderation.

A wall behind a bed that has been wallpapered looks fabulous.

Interior by Inside Out Colour and Design

Wallpaper under glass in the kitchen splashback creates interest and texture.

via Inside Out Magazine

Adventurous homeowners can even wallpaper the ceiling.


By using the wallpaper in moderation, it’s not that onerous a task to change it when required.

Wallpaper in the smallest room of the house via

So have I convinced you? Do you like today’s wallpapers or have you been scarred for life by the wallpapers of the 60’s and 70’s?

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Island Style

I’m currently working on the interior of a house that makes me think of this style.


So I’ve put together some items for their newly renovated open plan living dining area that flows to the pool terrace.

Bahamas Style

Hope they like it!

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