Cool with Blue

Doesn’t this room look inviting?

Cover of Belle Magazine

I just love the splashes of royal blue with the white. I want to lie on that sofa and read my magazine.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

If you would like your home to be a haven, contact us to enquire about our design services.

Colour Coding

Whilst on holidays, I was flicking through the Spring edition of Queensland Homes and these jumped out at me.

Project Letterboxes

Project Letterboxes

These practical yet stylish letterboxes, complete with newspaper holder, can be powder coated in any Dulux colour.

Brought to you by the same designer of the Ned Kelly Letterbox, they are perfect to match or complement your external house colours.

Ned Kelly Letterbox

What a great way to individualise your home. “Mine is the one with the Orangeade letterbox!”

Orangeade by Dulux

Inside Out Colour and Design can assist you choose the right colour letterbox for your home and arrange the purchase.


Habitus Magazine was launched about 2 years ago and has steadily been growing in readership. I must admit it is not one that I have subscribed to as yet, as I have a number of other magazines to read and finding the time is getting increasingly difficult. I do, however, subscribe to their e-newsletters and was thrilled when I noticed an invitation to a conversation with Sixhands. The Habitus team have organised a series of conversations with various creative personalities who have been featured in the magazine.

Sixhands Textiles for Peter Alexander

Textile design studio Sixhands, who are Alecia Jensen, Brianna Pike and Anna Harves, started their friendship at University where they were studying fashion and textile design. After working independently, the girls joined forces in 2006 to create Sixhands which has been providing textiles to Australian fashion designers.

Sixhands textiles for Flamingo Sands

When the girls moved into their own studio, they went about decorating it to make it a welcoming space for themselves and their fashion clients. This sparked a passion for interiors and a new arm of the business was created.

Interiors from Sixhands

The team at Sixhands like to apply something new to something old and create something truly unique. On display at the Conversation, was an old lounge chair (think there’s one in our family somewhere) covered in bright floral fabric as well as a 70’s lamp base with a new brightly patterned shade.

Old lamp base with new shade in Sixhands fabric

But fabric is not their only medium. You can also have a Sixhands rug for your floor, or wallpaper for the wall, or maybe a surfboard for your car?

Sixhands designed surfboard for Misfit

The possibilities are endless and the girls admit they think without limitations. If a homeowner is not confident to have that much pattern and colour on the walls with wallpaper, then there’s the option of using the fabric for cushions or a rug that can be moved or changed.

Stepping Stone Rug from The Rug Collection designed by Sixhands

I think big things are ahead for this talented trio. They admitted, almost tongue-in-cheek, that they aspire to be the Australian version of Missoni Home. I have no doubt they will soon be a household name.

The faces behind Sixhands

Oh, and I won a lucky door prize too. A bottle of red and 12 months subscription to Habitus. No excuses now! Thanks Habitus for a great night.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you’re in Sydney, don’t forget the Young Blood Designers Market is on as part of Sydney Design Festival.

If you would like to add some colour and pattern to your home, or are interested in Sixhands products, contact us to discuss our design and sourcing services.

and the winner is……

Last week I celebrated my first year of blogging which was very exciting. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I embarked on the journey just over 12 months ago. It has been alot of fun and I’ve met some wonderful people out there who all have similar interests and tastes to me.

There’s a number of things that draw me to different blogs – location, personality, humour, great images, interest in decor and colour. I can’t imagine how I could get through a day without visiting someone via their blog. It’s a constant source of enlightenment and inspiration for me.

Keeping up with what’s happening in the world of colour and design is also high on my list and learning about different events that are on in Sydney and further afield is great. One such event I discovered through blogging was The Finders Keepers Markets. Unfortunately my planned visit to the December event was curtailed when we lost our beloved Ming but on Saturday I finally made it.

My pick of the stall holders were Elkhorn Design and Nell Design. Elkhorn had some lovely screen printed cushion covers and table runners as well as some fashion items. They have an Etsy shop but it’s a bit bare at the moment. Maybe they recalled all their stock for the market.

Dahlia Table Runner by Elkhorn Designs

I first met Nell a few years ago at a Business Planning (read boring) workshop. She was just starting out and has made great inroads. Her designs are so simple yet so beautiful. Her stand was extremely busy on Saturday so she’s probably back behind the sewing machine.

Striped Cushions by Nell Designs

And now for the winner of my giveaway. A-M it’s you! I couldn’t believe it when my daughter pulled your name out of the bowl. We’re very sophisticated with our drawing here.

For those of you who don’t know (like where have you been?) A-M has spent the last few years building a house. She has written about it at The House That A-M Built and was one of the first blogs I started reading. Maybe it’s her Brisbane roots that drew me in, or her gorgeous sense of humour. So when you pass the newsagent this month and see the enlarged version of Home Beautiful being advertised, that’s her porch on the cover.

The House That A-M Built

Thank you to all those readers who left a comment and those that read but chose not to. I look forward to having you with me for another year.

Give me a home among the gum trees

Here we are, Monday again. Did you have a nice weekend?

The House's Study

I dragged the family along to Burke’s Backyard on Sunday afternoon. I’ve been talking about the 30 days of home and entertainment that is currently happening here in Sydney.  Well the organisers have taken over a warehouse at Waterloo and converted it to their headquarters. Inside there are display rooms set up along with a kitchen classroom, market area and lecture room. The carpark has been converted to Burke’s Backyard.

The House's Living Room

For those of you who don’t know, Don Burke was the original lifestyle guru in Australia and for many years the nation would sit down to watch his one hour television show primarily on gardening but also touching on other backyard ideas like entertaining, cooking, pets, children’s play areas, etc. As with many of the television shows, a magazine was born and whilst Don no longer graces our televisions on a regular basis the magazine comes out each month.

Espaliered Kaffir Lime Tree

It’s amazing what they have done with the carpark. The area is a concrete slab yet for this month it has been converted into a relaxing oasis. There’s a chicken coup, pergola, raised platforms, paved areas, fruit trees, lavender bushes, magnolias, vegie patch and grass. (Ok so the grass is synthetic but it’s very realistic looking and feeling.)

Pergola and platforms

We sat and listened to the Lifestyle Editor of the magazine explain some of the trends of today’s garden which is pretty much everything they had in the space there.

Lush green grass on top of concrete

There is a big trend towards growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs and instead of having a dedicated vegie patch, you can mix them with ornamental plants to create a blended garden. Growing vegies in a raised bed is also a good idea as it’s less back breaking when it comes to tending and harvesting. The display garden had the vegies growing in water tanks sitting on the ground.

Vegies grown in water tanks

If you have a large garden, consider breaking it up into smaller more manageable spaces that can be used for different purposes. Living and entertaining in our gardens has become a way of life. Whatever goes into a home can also go into a garden – day beds, pizza ovens, kitchens, fireplaces.

Outdoor entertaining via The Kitchen Place

There’s no limit when it comes to entertaining outdoors.


This week I attended one of the Coco Republic Lifestyle Series Lectures held at their new design centre in Alexandria which also houses the new Coco Republic Design School.

The guest speaker was Karen McCartney, Editor for the last 10 years, of Inside Out Magazine. Karen addressed the topic “What Makes An Interior Work” and illustrated her points with lovely images of a New York Apartment, an Australian Beach House and an apartment in Paris.

Australian Beach House

Karen agreed that decorating is hard. Television shows indicate that it can all be done in a weekend but in reality it should be created slowly and filled with treasures that create passion and interest.


via Point Click Home

I was pleased to hear that Karen, like me, believes the most important aspect of decorating your own home is to stay true to yourself and decorate for you and your family, not the latest trends. Many people get carried away on different tangents when they enter the decorating arena because there are so many choices and new products and ideas coming out all the time. It’s important to keep focused on your original plan.

Karen also talked about a new room in the house I had not heard before – the Kidili (pronounced kai-de-lie). It’s that big room that many renovators add to older houses, a combination kitchen, dining room and living room.

via House Of Turquoise The problem can be that there’s lots of wall space and no character with these rooms. Many have the tendency to become one big barn. It’s a good idea to maintain a neutral palette and add colour and texture to create interest.

via Australian House & Garden Photographer Simon Kenny

There was a question about this room being a concern because the messy kitchen is visible to all, but there are always ways of hiding the mess by clever screening and furniture placement. They are great for families with children as everyone is in the same space and the children can be easily supervised.

Not sure where this one came from. I had it in a tear sheet.

What do you think, do you like the Kidili or do you prefer separate rooms?

PS. Karen credited Queensland architect Timothy Hill with introducing her to the phrase.

If you would like assistance sourcing furniture or decorating your KiDiLi, contact us for an appointment.

Racing Fabrics

One of my fabric suppliers is Warwick Fabrics which I have blogged about before.

Mercer Collection from Warwick

They are an Australian owned family company which has been around for the last 40 – 50 years. Their upholstery fabrics are well known to upholsterers and furniture manufacturers throughout Australia as they provide good quality at a good price. We have used their fabrics for curtains, blinds, upholstery and cushions from their extensive range.

Towards the end of last year I noticed they had a new advertisement in the Australian magazines. It was the Spring Racing Carnival and I thought this ad was very clever. You may not be able to see it very clearly but all the jockeys jackets and the horse blankets are made from Warwick fabrics.

Spring Racing Carnival

And then over Christmas I noticed this ad. It coincides with the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race which takes place each Boxing Day here in Sydney Harbour.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

In a previous life I was involved in Marketing and Public Relations for one of the big banks, so I was very taken with these clever advertisements and I can’t wait to see what comes next. Bunnies in jackets perhaps?

It can’t be!

No, you’re joking right? It can’t possibly be Friday already? What a week.

Photo by William Waldron via Elle Decor

Photo by William Waldron via Elle Decor

I’ve had house guests for some of it. I guess he would’ve liked a guest room like this one which belongs to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.  Sorry about that.

I collected new bed linen which I had made for a client from my friends at Freshwater Frangipani. Sorry also that this shop no longer exists due to greedy landlords.

I spent a morning here being inspired and encouraged by guest speakers. There’s more to come over the next couple of weeks.

Last night I attended the Design Institute’s Artichoke Night School and enjoyed the presentation by Dan Hill from City of Sound Blog.

Botanical Range by Mokum

Botanical Range by Mokum

And today I visited Mokum looking for some outdoor fabric for a client’s new “summer room”. They have a great range of outdoor fabrics and I collected a number so when the room is finished, I’ll post some photos.

So I’m quite looking forward to the weekend. My October magazines are sitting on the coffee table calling my name. Hope you have a good weekend. It’s meant to be 30C here in Sydney – just my style.

Aussie Back Yards

Wall Mural by Emma Burmeister

Wall Mural by Emma Burmeister

I loved this image when I saw it in a recent Australian House and Garden. This small house in Melbourne has virtually no outdoor living area other than the courtyard. So mural artist Emma Burmeister was called in to give the family what nearly every other Aussie family has (or wants) – a Hills Hoist (for drying clothes, there’s nothing like it), a weber barbeque for the snags (sausages), a sprinkler (not used so much these days in view of the drought), a backyard cricket set and Dad has a beloved Victa motor mower. The quirkiness of the image appeals to me, it would make me smile every time I stepped outside.

French Provincial Style

Is it just a coincidence or is French Provincial style THE style at the moment?

I have just received my August issues of Australia Belle Magazine and Australia Home Beautiful Magazine and they both feature living rooms showing French Provincial furniture.

August issue of Australian Home Beautiful

Australian Belle Magazine August Issue

I love French Provincial style as it looks so good in all situations. I particularly like the cover of Belle and how the two Louis chairs sit so comfortably with the modern glass coffee table and modern artworks. The unexpected mix of styles gives drama and interest to a room.

French Provincial style is one of those styles that is always popular and I find works quite well with our relaxed interiors.

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