Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Armadillo&Co recently launched their new Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection with a soiree at the design studios of Landscape Designer, Adam Robinson.

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

The studio was packed with many from the industry trying to get a first hand look (and feel – they were soft) of the new rugs. They even gave one away, but alas I was not the lucky winner.


I loved the swing tables holding the food down the centre of the studio.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.56.39 pm

I think these rugs will be a welcome addition to the Armadillo&Co range and will provide some warmth underfoot for those outdoor entertaining rooms.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.37.36 pm

If you would like to make enquiries on this range of rugs, contact us.


Small and Bright

Our friends over at Armadillo&Co have been busy creating new rugs to warm the cockles of your heart.

Living room with Armadillo&Co rug designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

Living room with Armadillo&Co rug designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

These gorgeous rugs are all ethically made from sustainable materials and the company gives back to the weavers’ local villages to promote childhood learning. So buying a rug from Armadillo&Co not only enhances your own living space but creates a wealth of support for future generations.

One of the signature designs of Armadillo&Co’s rug collection is the Flower Weave collection where the rugs look like flowers. They are about to release a little sister to Marigold and Dandelion and have called her Daisy. She looks perfect for a girls’ bedroom or in an entry.

Armadillo&Co's Daisy Rug

Armadillo&Co’s Daisy Rug

And there’s other rugs coming suitable for children’s rooms too. Check out the catalogue!

Casablanca by Armadillo&Co in multicolour

Casablanca by Armadillo&Co in multicolour

And being a colour lover, I am also enamored with the addition of mulit-colour to the Casablanca rug. Now there are 28 colours that can be mixed and matched to create a unique rug to add that special pop in your home. It can be made as a rug or a runner and the fun part is, you get to choose the colour combination. This rug is part of the Designer Collection so only available through your favourite interior decorator!

The new Twine Weave made from 100% Argentinian Wool by Armadillo&Co

The new Twine Weave made from 100% Argentinian Wool by Armadillo&Co

If you would like to investigate these rugs further, contact us. We’d love to help.


All Rugged Up

Although in the Southern Hemisphere we are heading in to our warmer months, there’s nothing like a floor rug to inject colour and pattern into your living space.

Poppies by Sanderson

They add warmth (both literally and physically), they define a space, provide sound dampening qualities and can hide imperfect flooring.

St Ives Rug in Teal

There are so many patterns and colours to choose from. All over patterns are great for under timber coffee tables while centre patterns work best under a glass coffee table or in an open space so the pattern can be admired.

Midsummer Rose Rug

I’m thrilled that the Sanderson range of rugs are now available here in Australia. They certainly have some great patterns and colours from which to choose. They are made from 100% wool and are inspired by the Sanderson fabric range and are certainly affordable ranging from $700 to $1400 depending on the size.

Dandelion Rug in Taupe/Claret

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Oh Suzani

I mentioned recently that I’d been seeing the Ikat pattern everywhere.

Ikat fabric by Kravet

It’s not the only pattern that I’ve been noticing, The other is the Suzani.

Suzani Fabric by Westbury

The Suzani pattern hails from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. Like the Ikat it was lost during the time of the Soviet Occupation but since the collapse of the Union these handcrafts are seeing a resurgence.

Suzani Needleworkers

The pattern originally is embroidered with chain, satin and buttonhole stitches and embellished with decorative thread laid on the fabric. The motifs in the designs depict the sun and moon, flowers, leaves, fruit and sometimes fish and birds.

Suzani Rug by The Rug Collection

I love the bright colours and organic shapes of the Suzani patterns we are seeing today. What about you? Do you like the pattern?

Suzani fabric by Warwick Fabrics

If you would like assistance adding Suzani to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Ikat Pattern – Trend or Tradition

It would seem everywhere I turn lately one design keeps on popping up. It’s the Ikat design that has been around for centuries.

Ikat Rug

Ikat is a resist dyeing technique a bit like tie-dyeing which was so huge in the 70’s. The difference is that Ikat threads are dyed prior to weaving whereas tie-dyeing fabric is woven then dyed.

Tina Shoes from Sambag

I bought an Ikat when we were holidaying in Bali back in 2001 and it has been hanging on my bedroom wall ever since. Albeit, three different bedrooms in that time, as we’ve moved house.

My Balinese Ikat

I was pondering the other day as to whether the Ikat was a passing fad as I do like the pattern. In researching this post, I noticed that these chairs were commented on in 2009 when Ikat’s were considered a trend that started in 2008.

Ikat Covered Chairs

Design*Sponge also wrote a post on the prominence of the Ikat pattern back in 2008.

Ikat fabric by Kravet

Here we are in 2012 and it’s still around! This leads me to answer my own question. No, it’s not a trend. Yes, it will be around for a long time.

Ikat fabric by Westbury

So I’m going to use the pattern in my new home office

Would you like to add some Ikat pattern to your home? Contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Freaky Friday

Have you ever had one of those days where you keep on seeing the same thing in many different places? I had one of those on Friday.

I was out looking at fabrics for a client and quite liked this pattern. It’s simple and fresh and has that touch of exoticism.

Treillage Fabric from Westbury Textiles

Then later that afternoon I was catching up on blog posts and saw this image on The Style Files.

Fired Earth Tiles via The Style Files

Ha, I thought, that’s like that fabric I saw today.

Then later still I was looking at rugs for a client and headed over to Armadillo & Co’s website where I saw that same pattern again.

Casablanca Rug from Armadillo & Co

Now it’s starting to get freaky.

But the icing on the cake was when I came home again later in the afternoon and walked across the entry of the apartment building we are currently living in and noticed for the first time the pattern of the 1960’s tiles on the floor.

Lattice Shaped tiles in our 1960’s apartment building

I feel like I’m being stalked……by a PATTERN!!!! It’s called the Lattice Pattern and often appears in Moroccan Tiles.

If you would like assistance adding pattern to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Art On The Floor

Yesterday morning I attended a breakfast to celebrate the finalists in the Art On The Floor competition.

For the last ten plus years, Designer Rugs has collaborated with the International School of Colour and Design to hold a rug designing competition. Students are encouraged to enter a design or two and the lucky 6 finalists have their design made into a rug which they get to keep. This year there were over 200 entries.

As a past student of ISCD I’m always keen to see what the students are doing. At the breakfast, each finalist stood before her rug (yes, it was an all female final this year) and gave us some insight into how she arrived at the design. The ladies bought back memories of the various art and design assignments that form part of the foundation course at the ISCD. The judges, Yosi Tal from Designer Rugs, Lucy Sutherland from the International School of Colour and Design and Claire Bradley, Editor of Inside Out Magazine, gave their comments on the design too.

This rug was created from a texture exercise involving dripping and flicking methylated spirits on gouache paint and watching it bleed out to circles. The rug was praised for it’s balance of composition and colour which is a difficult combination to get right in a modern rug.

Emma Corrigan designed this rug with spaghetti! It is a contemporary, edgy rug depicting the view of the buildings and lights from the road leaving central Sydney.

The design for this rug emanated from a collage that was made from a shattered bar code. It was a bold and striking design that would look great in any room that needed a pop of colour.

The purple rug was actually the image of a brain which was then scanned and enlarged and coloured intensely.

“Swirls” was inspired from the lid of a hairspray bottle which was then repeated and enlarged and became a semi abstract painting. The swirling gently organic shapes of nature were also considered and enhanced the design.

And the winner was……..

Susan Trainor with her rug, “Blossom Embrace”. Susan explained that she had chosen her artwork from a natural object as the starting point for the rug design. Her natural object was a gum nut which she had drawn on a plain background. Susan decided it was a bit bland so took to the drawing with her artline pen and created the movement and interest in the background. Susan can see a family embracing in her rug which gives it a feel good factor.

It was a very exciting morning for the finalists and their families to see the designs made up into gorgeous rugs. Thank you Designer Rugs and ISCD for the invitation. And congratulations to all the finalists.

If you would like assistance sourcing rugs for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Cold and Wet

Have I told you I don’t like the cold? Well I don’t. Never have, never will. It’s June in Sydney and not only is it cold but it’s been so wet too. We’ve actually had our average June rainfall in the first 12 days of the month.

Rain, rain and more rain in Sydney

Naturally the day the excavator arrived on our building site, the rains came tumbling down. They did manage to get the excavation done and we now have a very unique selling point for our property – two swimming pools!

Two Swimming Pools

Thank goodness the sun came out again on Sunday and there is no rain forecast for the rest of this week. With a bit of luck we’ll have some footings and a slab laid by Friday. Woo Hoo!

Lots of Mud

I’ve been busy with clients too. I think they are feeling the cold because two of them are in the market for rugs.

Navy Blue Rug

I have sourced a number and have shown them the images. Now we have compiled a short list and I will borrow the rugs from my wholesale supplier and take them to the house to put them in their living room so we have a full understanding of how they will look in their home with their furnishings.

Blue Floral Rug

It’s so important to be able to see your purchases in your own space before outlaying any money.

Black and White Rug

We installed some roman blinds at a clients’ home last week too. Roman blinds are great for adding some colour or pattern to a space but still give a more streamlined look as opposed to curtains.

Guest Bedroom Roman Blinds

In this case we were covering windows in a guest bedroom and a 12 year old girl’s bedroom.

Blinds for a teenager

I hope you’ve had a good week. I’m heading over to the house to meet with our builder and see if that cement truck has arrived yet.


If you would like assistance sourcing window coverings or rugs for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


Design Your Own

I’ve said it before, I’m a bit partial to rugs. With so many people opting for floorboards these days rugs are a great way to warm up a room, add some colour and fun and define an area.

Armadillo Pebble Floor Rug

So I was very pleased to visit the Armadillo&Co showroom yesterday and view their brand new rug range called Designer Collection.

Designer Collection by Armadillo&Co

Armadillo&Co combine aesthetics with ethics. Every rug embraces Fair Trade practices, is crafted from sustainable natural fibres and all purchases benefit local schools in the villages of the weavers in India.

Armadillo Artisans

With a great range of standard rugs available for homeowners, Armadillo&Co decided it was time to launch a collection specifically for the Interior Design industury. That way we get to choose a pattern and colour that will enhance the interiors of the homes we are decorating.

Every colour of the rainbow

With seven patterns and twenty three colours to select from, there’s no problem in creating the perfect rug for your home.

Some of the seven patterns

The rugs are soft underfoot so ideal for sitting on in the family room or to add some colour to the kids’ bedrooms. They are hardwearing and crafted from 100% New Zealand wool.

Masai Pattern in Crimson and White

Apart from this exciting new collection, I also couldn’t take my eyes off the Papyrus weave rug that was on the showroom floor. The movement of colour in the rug was gorgeous.

Papyrus Rug

If you would like assistance choosing the perfect rug for your family home, contact us to arrange an in-person or online consultation. Inside Out Colour and Design can supply all the Armadillo&Co range of rugs.

Top Three Tips on Decorating for Pet Owners

I trust you had an enjoyable weekend. Sunday was perfect weather here in Sydney and we joined the thousands of other pet lovers who took part in this year’s RSPCA Million Paws Walk. It was so much fun seeing so many of the dogs (and their owners) dressed for the occasion!

via Million Paws Website

So today I thought I’d give you my top 3 concerns when decorating with pets in mind and some suggestions to overcome them.

  1. Flooring – all animals have accidents from time to time so steer away from shag pile rugs or light coloured carpet. When accidents happen, treat stains straight away.


  2. Window Coverings – If you have curtains, then I would not recommend you have them “puddling”. That is when they sit in a little puddle on the floor. Your pets will LOVE sitting on this soft spot and could cause damage to the fabric.

    Curtains Puddling

    There is also the risk of pulling the entire curtains and rod down if they are getting frisky and playing with them. Try to have your curtains “kissing” the floor instead where they sit about 1cm above floor level. Silk and sheer curtain fabrics can be magnets to cats and will rip very easily with sharp claws climbing on it. Choose a flat cotton instead.


  3. Upholstery – Fabric choice is paramount here if your pets are allowed on the furniture. Darker colours are better to hide any marks although if you have an animal that sheds then perhaps it would be easier to choose a fabric the same colour as the pet. Leather can be wiped clean and macrosuede is also strong and stain resistant. Upholstery can be treated too, to repel stains. So if you want to keep the furniture in tip top condition, I would recommend treating before you allow the pets in.


I don’t believe a home is a home without a pet, so sometimes you just have to embrace the pitfalls and as Interior Designer, Kathryn Ireland says, put them down to “the patina of life”.

Pablo and Coco

Alternatively, put your white shag rug and silk curtains in a room that’s a “no go zone” for your beloved pet.


If you would like assistance in decorating your home to suit your pets, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.

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