Hot New Homewares from Target for Autumn/Winter

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you will have seen that yesterday I viewed the new homewares collection for Target Australia. Set up in a cute house in Paddington, the house was styled with the different items now available at your nearest Target store or online.

There were three different bedroom stories – colour, monochromatic and neutrals. They were all gorgeous and I was pleased to see the monochrome bed linen has a tribal influence. Do you receive my newsletter? Last month I was talking about Tribal patterns being everywhere at the moment. The great news is that Target are going to build on these schemes each season so you can add to the look rather than replacing it all.


It was really difficult to choose which look I liked best. The monochromatic (or as Target is calling it, Global Luxe) could work really well for a masculine room but equally a teenager or someone who loved the black and white look.


The neutrals (Lodge) had a fresh look and would be perfect for Hamptons style decor. Add in some navy and you have a classic look for any age.


The coloured bed linen was a lot of fun and suits it’s name of Soft Pop. You all now I LOVE colour.


The beauty of all these stories is there’s plenty of artwork and pretty bits to coordinate back to the bedlinen. Target now have an in-house design team based in Melbourne so the designs and styles are truly unique, on trend and very affordable. The new styles fall into the categories of Soft Pop, Global Luxe and Lodge and new products will appear in each of these styles each season and sometimes even during a season. Even the furry members of the family are catered for.


So now there’s no excuse to be on trend by injecting just one or two of these fabulous pieces into your home. But be careful, at these prices it could be hard to know when to stop!


If you would like assistance giving your decor a make-over, contact me for an appointment. Sometimes just an hour can you give you the direction you need.

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Armadillo&Co recently launched their new Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection with a soiree at the design studios of Landscape Designer, Adam Robinson.

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

Armadillo&Co Indoor Outdoor Rug Collection Launch Party

The studio was packed with many from the industry trying to get a first hand look (and feel – they were soft) of the new rugs. They even gave one away, but alas I was not the lucky winner.


I loved the swing tables holding the food down the centre of the studio.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.56.39 pm

I think these rugs will be a welcome addition to the Armadillo&Co range and will provide some warmth underfoot for those outdoor entertaining rooms.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.37.36 pm

If you would like to make enquiries on this range of rugs, contact us.


It’s a small world after all

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks with absolutely no time for blogging, sorry. And here we are at the first day of July!!!!

I have been working on a number of projects all with colour – paint, fabrics, benchtops, tiles. It’s no secret I am happiest when I’m immersed in colour.


So I was delighted to attend two fabric launches recently from different fabric houses who both said, “Colour is BACK!” Yippee!!!!


But what really hit home was the fact that inspiration for these collections has come from across the globe – North African Berber Rugs, Persian Kilims and Aztec motifs from South America. There is also a nod to Art Nouveau and to the Baroque periods.


And where would we be without stripes? I’ve mentioned previously I much prefer stripes to spots so was delighted to see ticking stripes, wide stripes and multi-width stripes in the collections.


And no longer are we a year or two behind our northern hemisphere counterparts. We have access to exactly the same colours, textures and fabrics as they do, at the same time.


It really is a small world after all.

If you would like assistance with fabrics for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.



Shopping for Art

In my opinion, it’s not until you put some art up on the walls that a house truly becomes a home. Until then a space can look bare and unloved.

Entry view from the top of the stairs

Entry view from the top of the stairs

These days it’s not so hard to find some great artworks that either tug at your heart strings or work beautifully with your decor. It’s such an individual thing. Some people love art and others know they should have something so opt for a piece that suits their home and colour scheme. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to selecting artworks.

Let It Go by Robyn Kennedy

Let It Go by Robyn Kennedy

Our friend, textile artist Robyn Kennedy has recently opened an online shop over at Etsy. You will find a range of artworks starting at $90.

Eyes On Mariko by Roby Kennedy

Eyes On Mariko by Roby Kennedy

Do pop over and view Robyn’s work and see if something tugs at your heart strings.

If you would like assistance making your house a home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Look Up!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know that when it comes to ceilings I am definitely a white girl. I just love the crisp clean look a white ceiling gives a home. And as the majority of houses on which I consult, are period homes and therefore light challenged, a white ceiling will help to brighten a room.

White ceiling by Inside Out Colour and Design

White ceiling by Inside Out Colour and Design

However, there are always exceptions! I love when the ceiling has been considered as another plane to decorate and this can be especially important in hairdressers’, dentists’ and beauticians’ rooms. We are seeing the line between commercial and residential decor blurring. Who doesn’t want to transport that spa bathroom in Phuket and plant it into their suburban bathroom in Sydney?

Spa Bathroom from Phuket

Spa Bathroom from Phuket

Sometimes a room needs to feel like an outdoor room and a pale blue ceiling will do it as the blue emulates the colour of the sky. I recommended this colour for a nursing home in the therapy room where most of the residents were confined to wheelchairs or beds and spent the majority of the time looking up.

Sky blue on the ceiling of a verandah or outdoor room

Sky blue on the ceiling of a verandah or outdoor room

A dark ceiling will make the room feel cosy. Or if it’s a small room or one with a raked ceiling, wrap the wall colour right around the walls and ceiling.

Enveloped in turquoise! Blue walls, woodwork and ceiling really packs a punch.

Enveloped in turquoise! Blue walls, woodwork and ceiling really packs a punch.

Remember, dark colours will make the ceiling feel lower than it really is. This is fine for rooms with very high ceilings or rooms where the height really doesn’t matter and a bit of drama would be preferred.

As dining rooms are mainly used at night, a dark ceiling helps with the cosy mood

As dining rooms are mainly used at night, a dark ceiling helps with the cosy mood

In my own home, I chose to paint the ceiling of the laundry a sea green. There are full height cabinets in white and a bright yellow tiled splashback. The height of the ceiling is the lowest in the house but it’s not really important to have a high ceiling in the laundry, particularly as I don’t plan to spend too much time there!


Sea Green Ceiling in a Laundry

Another treatment overlooked for the ceiling is wallpaper. It can give the room interest and a luxurious feel. The same colour rules apply, light colours give the feeling of height while dark colours bring the ceiling down.

Wallpapered ceiling for a happy bedroom.

Wallpapered ceiling for a happy bedroom.

I selected a simple lattice pattern for the ceiling in my walk in wardrobe. The paper has a metallic sheen too which helps with light reflection. The dark cabinetry and wallpapered ceiling give a luxe boutique feel to the room.

The photos in this post have been collected on my Pinterest board, “Look Up” where you’ll find more examples of interesting ceiling treatments. So what are you waiting for? Start planning a makeover of the ceiling in one of your rooms.

Paint stripes on the ceiling

Paint stripes on the ceiling

If you would like assistance choosing paint colours for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Where to buy Art

Red and Gold Asian Artwork One of the last items to go into a home makeover is usually art pieces and other wall decoration. Sometimes the client already has a collection of pieces they have acquired over the years and they may choose to use them (hanging them in a different location or having them reframed) or perhaps new pieces are required.

Original artwork I find art a very personal item and therefore don’t tend to get too involved in the selection when assisting clients decorate the home in which they will live. However, over the years I’ve collected a vast array of websites and stores which specialise in artworks and I usually steer my clients towards them to make their own choices. Some of these are more decorator pieces to coordinate with the decor and colour scheme of a room. Many times that’s all a client requires, just something to fill a space and create some interest.

Blue and Yellow artwork Art galleries and dealers can be very helpful when looking for original artworks. You don’t have to pay a King’s Ransom to own original art either. There are many affordable artworks on the market. A dealer can help locate the perfect piece to suit your budget. Many local schools and charities hold Art Shows to raise funds and these too can be a great source of works.

Red and Orange Artwork However, I still feel the artwork needs to speak to the occupants of the home and be their selection. I would hate for any of my clients to tell their friends that “it’s there because the decorator said so”. A house has to reflect the personality and styles of the client to be truly comfortable. Choosing artworks can be a very lengthy process. Only purchase something when you are positive that you will be happy looking at it every day of the week.

Brown and Blue Bedroom Some of my “go to” places for sourcing artworks are listed below. Check them out for yourself. And don’t forget if you need some assistance putting the final touches onto your home renovation or make-over, contact us for a consultation.

Seaside Canvas

Botany Bay Art

La Grolla

Designer Boys

Smart Art Direct

Gallery Oscar

Soho Art Gallery

Dalozzo Art Gallery

Robyn Kennedy

Karen Benton

Urban Road


Back To Work

Happy New Year, 2014! I know, I know, it’s three quarters the way through January and I have had a very nice long summer holiday. How was yours? Last week the family escaped to the mid NSW coast to a little beach called Mullaway. I’d never heard of it before but it was about half an hour north of Coffs Harbour. I was looking for somewhere half way between Sydney and Brisbane so the Brisbane family could meet up and we could spend the week together. Mullaway proved ideal.

IMG_2665 Between us we have three dogs so we wanted a dog friendly house and area. The house was perfect being tiled throughout and flat on the ground with a fully fenced front and rear yard.

DSC_0549 It meant we could separate the big dog from the little ones, if need be.

DSC_0638 The house wasn’t exactly beachy. Those beach shacks that once dotted the Australian coast are a dying breed and of course we wanted some mod- cons like a dishwasher, television and insect screens. The shacks don’t have any of those! The house was a 400m walk to the beach which we visited at least three times a day. The local wildlife came to visit too.

IMG_2687 The dogs had a walk on the beach in the morning, the kids had a swim after breakfast and we all had a walk, swim or play on the beach in the afternoon. It was idyllic. And, there was no internet connection, which was a blessing and a pain all rolled in to one.

DSC_0631 I couldn’t help noticing the vibrant colours of the marine life on the beach and the wonderful patterns and textures the soldier crabs made.




IMG_2671 But now it’s back to work. I am currently working on an on-line colour consultation for a house in Brisbane as well as sourcing some furniture and decorator pieces for a client here. There’s upholstery happening and curtains about to be installed plus I need to arrange to photograph a couple of the houses I worked on last year. So the holiday was great but it’s good to be back at it, refreshed and relaxed.

IMG_2694_2 If you would like assistance with colour or design for your home in 2014, contact me for an online or in-person consultation.

Sizzling Summer Soft Furnishings

This week I received the new KAS Australia catalogue in the mail. It was like receiving a magazine. It is truly so beautiful and every page beckons me to jump on in.

KAS Summer Catalogue

KAS Summer Catalogue

The new collection is fabulous with loads of colour (as you would expect for summer).

KAS Natasha Bed linen and cushions

KAS Natasha Bed linen and cushions

There’s some ethnic type patterns.

KAS Martinique Bedcover

KAS Martinique Bedcover

As well as bright florals which are teamed with geometric patterns.

KAS Delphi Bedlinen

KAS Delphi Bedlinen

And for those who like their bedroom calm and relaxing, there’s a range of white bedlinen with beautiful textures.

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

If you receive my monthly newsletter, you will have read of the latest watercolour trend where the item looks like someone has just finished painting it. Look, KAS have included the trend in this collection too.

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

KAS White Milly Bedlinen

If you would like to add some new cushions or bed linen to your home, contact us as we can supply KAS Australia products directly to you.

Choosing Paint

As a Colour Consultant, I am often choosing paint colours and paint types for my clients.

There are so many different paints on the market so when it came time to choose them for my own house, I thought I’d try a few different ones.

The best paint for the internal walls of your home is Low Sheen paint. All the different paint companies have this type of paint.

To mix it up a bit, I chose Resene paint for the majority of the interior of the home but Dulux for my studio

and my daughter’s bedroom

and Taubmans’ for the feature wall in the master bedroom.

I always recommend a Kitchen and Bathroom paint for those rooms as it has mould inhibitor in the paint recipe.

             Main bathroom tiled and painted

I considered using blackboard paint for my office and my daughter’s bedroom but I was worried about the chalk dust, especially on the carpet. So I decided to use Resene’s Whiteboard Paint. This paint is really just a top coat and can be painted over any colour. I used it over Resene paint in my office and

Dulux paint in my daughter’s bedroom and they have both been extremely successful. I would recommend putting a frame around the area that is painted with the Whiteboard paint or else paint it on an area that is separate from other walls just in case there’s a momentary lapse of memory as to where the whiteboard paint has been used.

As our fridge will not take magnets I was looking for somewhere to put the school notes, invitations and raffle tickets. Previously I had an Officeworks magnetic board hanging in the kitchen but I didn’t really have a spot for it in my new kitchen. There was one wall on the entry to the pantry but as a door would shut onto that wall, it was impossible to hang something thick there which would result in the door not closing.

So I thought I’d give Resene’s Magnetic Paint a whirl. This paint is actually an undercoat. When I bought a can, I was surprised at how heavy it was but then it’s full of iron oxides.

The paint is actually grey and is very thick so I wouldn’t recommend it for a wall in a prominent position or with a white topcoat.

I’ve also found that you need to use really strong magnets and probably quite a few of them. Those cheap free magnets that turn up in the junk mail just don’t cut it.

It’s great for my application, just to hold a few school notes from time to time, but I’m not sure it would be ideal for kids artwork and other more weighty papers you may like to keep handy.

Your painter will tell you that it doesn’t really matter which paint colour you choose as all the companies can mix each other’s colours. I disagree. Being a purist I would much prefer to use the colour from the particular company so there is no room for error. In most instances, your painter will prefer one paint company over another. As I am an independent Colour Consultant, it doesn’t matter to me. As long as the colour is right for your home and the type of paint is right, I leave the paint company decision to the homeowner and painter.

If you would like assistance choosing paint colours and paint products for your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

Blooming Flowers

I’ve been passing dress shops lately that are starting to bring in their Spring stock. I love seeing all the windows change from black, grey and red to pink, yellow and light blue.

Floral Peony Skirt from David Jones

Floral Peony Skirt from David Jones

I’m definitely a warmer climate type of girl. Anything under 25C and I’m freezing so I’ve been enjoying the very mild winter we’ve had in Sydney this year. It’s been feeling like Spring already for the last couple of weeks and even the blossom trees are starting to flower.

Spring Blossom Trees

Spring Blossom Trees

Flowers look like they are going to be the in thing for spring fashion this year. There’s quite a few dresses and skirts and even trousers I’ve been passing that are contemporary floral prints. The colours are strong and bold and the prints are large.

Floral dress by Diana Ferrari

Floral dress by Diana Ferrari

If you’ve been following my blog, then you’ll know that what we see in the fashion industry very quickly transpires to the home decor industry.

Floral fabric by Casamance

Floral fabric by Casamance

Now when you think of floral fabric, you probably think of small delicate flowers like Liberty Prints.

Liberty fabrics

Liberty fabrics

And when you think of floral decor you may very well think of the Laura Ashley style of decorating.

Floral fabric and matching wallpaper by Laura Ashley

Floral fabric and matching wallpaper by Laura Ashley

But these patterns have been reinterpreted and appear bigger and bolder than ever and a little bit abstract but boy do they look good.

Wallpaper wonders

Wallpaper wonders

Bring on the warmer weather and let the flowers bloom.

Floral fabric

Floral fabric

If you would like to add some new look floral fabric or wallpaper to your home, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

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