Giving Old Tiles New Life

My clients, Justin and Melissa were ready to update their bathroom and kitchen. I had worked with them previously choosing colours and furnishings for the living room, hall and bedrooms. The kitchen worked well and really just needed a facelift. We arranged for new cupboard doors to be installed on the old carcasses and chose a new tap which brought the kitchen into Melissa and Justin’s style. However, replacing the dated brown tiled splashback would be costly and potentially could result in having to replace or repair the existing benchtop. So I suggested painting the tiles. Justin and Melissa pick up the story.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen before makeover

Justin and Melissa here. Thanks to White Knight, we have a splashback we are very happy with. Here is our story and we hope you enjoy it while picking up a few pointers along the way.

So after settling on a colour (Ashen Mist by Taubmans), we used White Knight Tile & Laminate Cleaner, Tile & Laminate Primer and Tile Paint. Before launching into anything, we sat down to watch the instructional video from the White Knight YouTube channel. We found this exceptionally helpful in showing us the steps of painting and things to look out for when taking on this project.

New Kitchen but Old Spalshback

New Kitchen but Old Splashback

Armed with this knowledge, we set off painting. First, we cleaned the tiles thoroughly with the Cleaner as that was stressed in the video. After allowing the surface to dry, we had to sand down the tiles with 120G sandpaper in order to improve the paint’s adhesion to the tiles. This required some good elbow grease as the rougher the tiles, the easier the paint will stick, so we had to get this step right.


Upon cleaning the dust from the sanding and taping up the edges and sockets, we went about applying the Primer as an undercoat with a small roller brush for the main areas and a 1-inch brush for the edges. As it is quite viscous, it sticks well to the tiles (possibly thanks to the rigorous sanding we did). Four hours later, we started applying the paint itself in two coats, leaving 4 hours between coats (we actually left it overnight as it was getting dark on Saturday so we picked up again on Sunday morning).


A tip that we discovered was that as the paint is an oil-based, it is vital to have paint solvent on hand. After finding the paint had started clogging the brush and roller despite leaving it in water, pouring solvent on them quickly dissolved the paint. A little water after to wash off the excess solvent and we were back in business for the second coat. We let that dry and peeled off the tape, taking the advice to allow a full week to let the paint cure (that included using the oven for all our food as using the stovetop was out of the question!)


A Few Things To Note
Last but not least, here are a couple more lessons we learnt on our journey that we hope you find useful:

Remove the covers from the electrical sockets before taping and painting; it’ll give a nice seamless finish when you pop the cover back on.
The paint doesn’t work well with silicone so you end up with an uneven edge of paint on the silicone that was in the corner between the tiles and the bench top. I suggest buying new silicone (black in our case) and reapplying it to give these corners a nice finish again.


It’s amazing how this simple change of colour makes the kitchen look brand new. With this missing piece in place, it really completed the look we were going for. The paint has really held up after curing and splashes from cooking on the stove top wipe off with ease.


Finished kitchen

We hope we’ve inspired you to try your hand at a simple update of your bathroom or kitchen. Happy painting!


Isn’t a great way to revive your home? Take a look at the other White Knight products and if you need any assistance with colour or design for your home, contact me for an appointment.

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Beautiful Bathrooms

I hope you’ve had a good week. It’s getting a bit frantic around here as pre-Christmas delivery deadlines approach.

We have also been working on a bathroom plan for clients who are remodelling their existing space.

Original Bath

New Bath

Bathrooms can be tricky and costly. If you are remodelling and the existing floorplan works, it’s more cost effective to leave plumbing as is and update fixtures and fittings.

Old Vanity

New Vanity designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

One thing you need to work out before you start is who uses the bathroom and how?

Combined bathroom and laundry by Inside Out Colour and Design

If it is an ensuite in a busy home then double basins could be the key.

Double Vanities in Ensuite

If you have young children, or are considering selling your home anytime soon, then make sure you include a bath.

This bathroom was on the ground floor of the house and the clients wanted a bath so they could bathe the children while keeping an eye on the dinner.

And don’t forget storage. Towels don’t store that well in bathrooms as the steam and moisture can effect them so, if possible, keep them in the linen cupboard outside.

Recessed mirrored cabinet above vanity designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

Do think about storage for beauty and hygiene products, though and a great place is in a mirrored cabinet. They’re a bit better these days than the old shaving cabinet with the sliding mirrored doors!

Bathroom designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

And add some colour. Tiles come in every shape and colour these days and there is no limit as to what you can do with them.

Mosaic feature wall in children’s ensuite, designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

Again, think about how the bathroom will be used and add colour accordingly.

Bathroom designed by Inside Out Colour and Design

I hope you get some time for a soak in the tub this weekend.

If you would like assistance with your bathroom renovation, contact us to enquire about our bathroom design services.


Keep them in the air

juggler I feel like this woman, this week. There are so many things going on I just hope I keep everything up in the air.

I do love the diversity of this job and the many and varied projects I get to tackle.

I started the week choosing a colour scheme for clients who have recently bought a beautiful Federation Home. Each room is painted a different colour and all windows have very fussy curtains. Whilst my clients like the traditional look, they also like the more relaxed feel of neutral walls and more simple window coverings. So after the colour selection I had fun choosing a selection of Sanderson fabrics to show them next week.

Country Linens by Sanderson

Country Linens by Sanderson

Borocay by Sanderson

Borocay by Sanderson

I have also been tile shopping looking for a hard wearing, easily maintained, travertine look-alike for an entry and hall. This particular home has a Tuscan influence and the clients here love colour. We are considering a metallic paint for the walls of the dining room and black and sage green upholstery on the chairs. It will be very dramatic.

Maybe something like this for the entry but travertine look not marble

Maybe something like this for the entry but travertine look not marble

Then I had a step back in time to a lovely home in an amazing location but very 80’s. Did you read Millie’s post a while back on the 80’s? Boy that brought back memories. This house has some of those features and the clients would like to make it a comfortable, family entertainer. First to go is the swags and tails and the busy bathrooms…oh and the massive chandelier at the entry.

1980's Style Lightfitting

1980's Style Lightfitting

And today I’m off to advise a client on a new kitchen. She wants contemporary, handleless white cupboards with Ceasarstone benchtops and a red splashback. Red is a great colour for the kitchen as it increases gastronomic juices. Not so good if you are perpetually on a diet, though!

Maybe something like this except red, not orange. Photo from Australian House and Garden

Maybe something like this except red, not orange. Photo from Australian House and Garden

Throw into this mix a daughter who wants to go to a Halloween Disco tonight as a “Dead Diva” and it’s been one hectic week. My head is spinning so I’m off to have a coffee and get cracking to have all these things sorted before 5pm.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween.

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