Latest Range of Fabrics from Sanderson

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the new fabric collections from Sanderson. Chris Warren from the UK was visiting Sydney to show off the new fabrics and wallpapers which were recently launched at Decorex.

The Domestic Textiles Showroom at Paddington was set with a beautiful tablecloth of the new Kew fabric with matching napkins (which we were able to take home!) and a gorgeous bunch of pink calla lillies.

The first collection was from Zoffany and was called Town and Country.

It was an interesting mix of sharp colours from the city blended with rustic textures of the country which can be used in both casual and formal rooms.

There were aged marbled woolens and velvets, printed silks and linens and textured wallpapers with subtle sheen giving the hint of glamour.

The second collection was the Sanderson Richmond Hill. With the Sanderson brand’s history spanning over 150 years, there are plenty of archives from which to draw.

Cottons and linens were mainly used as base cloths with Jacobean and French designs giving a painted look. Naturally flowers and nature abound but with a fresh take on the colouring.

Wallpaper mixes and matches to create a completely co-ordinated space.

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Playing with Paint

Looking for something to do this weekend?

Our friends at Signature Prints, home of Florence Broadhurst wallpapers and fabrics, are holding a special Workshop.

Florence Broadhurst Fans in custom made lamp shade

Artist Gav Barbey will demonstrate the art of screen printing before showing you how to create a unique postcard. And before all that fun, you will take a behind the scenes tour of the Signature Prints studio.

How much fun does that all sound?

Quickly, get your fingers dialing to book in as there are only 20 spots available. Have fun and come back and tell us what you created.

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Bam Bam by Alhambra

Last week, Alhambra launched their latest fabric collections in Australia.

The Spanish textile company is represented here by Elliott Clarke and I loved seeing the new children’s collection.

It’s really easy to find cutsie fabrics for babies and toddlers but not so easy once the child becomes a little person with their own likes and dislikes. So this collection is a welcome addition to the market.

I reckon a few big kids could use some of these fabrics and wallpapers too. The spots and stripes could be used in a myriad of rooms.

Do you like?


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And the walls come tumbling down

There’s been movement at our house this week in readiness for the renovations.

When we bought the place back in 2002, we were aware it had two extensions that would’ve been completed in the ’70’s.

The house with fibro extensions circa 1970

They were both fibro extensions and this appealed to us mainly because they would be easy to take down. It was preferable than having besser block or brick extensions that we didn’t like.

The guest wing which had fibro walls and added in the '70's.

So this week those add-ons have been removed. Firstly the asbestos removalists had to come in and take away the asbestos. I wasn’t allowed on site to take photos of the men in their moon suits and face masks hosing down the fibro before removing it, wrapping it tightly and taking it away.

House minus fibro

It made the house very breezy.

Guest bedroom without the fibro walls

Next the demolition team came in to remove carpets, windows, roof tiles, flooring and framework.

Now it looks really strange without the extra rooms.

On a prettier note, I spent Wednesday at Designex, the annual architecture and design trade show. Not sure if I’ve been to too many of these now, but nothing much jumps out at me as being new or different. I did enjoy getting up close and personal with the Anna Spiro wallpapers though. They are very pretty and have that handcrafted look to them. All in typical Anna colours too.


Round and Round The Garden Wallpaper by Anna Spiro for Porter's

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New fabrics

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting the Elliott Clarke Showroom in Sydney to view the new fabric ranges from GP & J Baker.

Front door of Elliott Clarke Showroom featuring Nizam fabric

There were two main collections being shown, one from GP & J Baker called Marwood which consisted of period style patterns in contemporary colours and fabrics. They were very elegant but in an unfussy way, perfect for today’s family homes.

GP & J Baker Marwood Collection

The other collection was from Baker Lifestyle and is called Opera Garden Collection. This collection has been inspired by the beautiful gardens of West Green House in the UK which hosts baroque operas and music weekends in summer. The fabrics and wallpapers are exquisite but the range that caught my eye are those inspired by the chickens.

Baker Lifestyle Opera Garden Collection

West Green House has a marvellous Chicken Pavilion (it could hardly be called a coup) housing an enchanting collection of rare chickens. The interior of the Pavilion is decorated with the Willow Pattern which is depicted on the Porcelain fabric and wallpaper.

West Green House Chicken Pavilion

I especially liked this collection because I have a chicken collection. Not real chickens, but ornamental chickens. I think many, many years ago I commented that I “liked” chickens. Over the years, people have given me all sorts of chicken things which adorn my kitchen.

My chicken collection

So now I have to decide which fabric to use on the kitchen windows- Bantam Trail, Opera Trellis (which is the chicken wire) or Rare Breeds?

Baker Lifestyle Rare Breeds Wallpaper

What do you collect? Have you passed the comment that you like something and now have a growing collection?

Baker Lifestyle Porcelain Wallpaper and Fabric

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What do you think of wallpaper?

I stumbled across a forum the other day where the topic of discussion was wallpaper. I was surprised to read that a number of people in the forum STRONGLY disliked wallpaper.


However, I think many people are confusing today’s wallpaper with the papers that were most probably in their childhood homes. Those patterns were very busy in strong colours and the paper was difficult to both instal and remove. And the trend was to have just as much pattern on the soft furnishings and flooring as there was on the walls and curtains. No wonder we all had to have a Bex and a good lie down!


Todays papers are much more elegant in their colour and design and are used in moderation.

A wall behind a bed that has been wallpapered looks fabulous.

Interior by Inside Out Colour and Design

Wallpaper under glass in the kitchen splashback creates interest and texture.

via Inside Out Magazine

Adventurous homeowners can even wallpaper the ceiling.


By using the wallpaper in moderation, it’s not that onerous a task to change it when required.

Wallpaper in the smallest room of the house via

So have I convinced you? Do you like today’s wallpapers or have you been scarred for life by the wallpapers of the 60’s and 70’s?

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Habitus Magazine was launched about 2 years ago and has steadily been growing in readership. I must admit it is not one that I have subscribed to as yet, as I have a number of other magazines to read and finding the time is getting increasingly difficult. I do, however, subscribe to their e-newsletters and was thrilled when I noticed an invitation to a conversation with Sixhands. The Habitus team have organised a series of conversations with various creative personalities who have been featured in the magazine.

Sixhands Textiles for Peter Alexander

Textile design studio Sixhands, who are Alecia Jensen, Brianna Pike and Anna Harves, started their friendship at University where they were studying fashion and textile design. After working independently, the girls joined forces in 2006 to create Sixhands which has been providing textiles to Australian fashion designers.

Sixhands textiles for Flamingo Sands

When the girls moved into their own studio, they went about decorating it to make it a welcoming space for themselves and their fashion clients. This sparked a passion for interiors and a new arm of the business was created.

Interiors from Sixhands

The team at Sixhands like to apply something new to something old and create something truly unique. On display at the Conversation, was an old lounge chair (think there’s one in our family somewhere) covered in bright floral fabric as well as a 70’s lamp base with a new brightly patterned shade.

Old lamp base with new shade in Sixhands fabric

But fabric is not their only medium. You can also have a Sixhands rug for your floor, or wallpaper for the wall, or maybe a surfboard for your car?

Sixhands designed surfboard for Misfit

The possibilities are endless and the girls admit they think without limitations. If a homeowner is not confident to have that much pattern and colour on the walls with wallpaper, then there’s the option of using the fabric for cushions or a rug that can be moved or changed.

Stepping Stone Rug from The Rug Collection designed by Sixhands

I think big things are ahead for this talented trio. They admitted, almost tongue-in-cheek, that they aspire to be the Australian version of Missoni Home. I have no doubt they will soon be a household name.

The faces behind Sixhands

Oh, and I won a lucky door prize too. A bottle of red and 12 months subscription to Habitus. No excuses now! Thanks Habitus for a great night.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you’re in Sydney, don’t forget the Young Blood Designers Market is on as part of Sydney Design Festival.

If you would like to add some colour and pattern to your home, or are interested in Sixhands products, contact us to discuss our design and sourcing services.

GP & J Baker

Elliott Clarke Sydney Showroom

I have been out and about today looking at the new range of fabrics from GP & J Baker that have just arrived at the Elliott Clarke showroom. They put on a little morning tea just for the occasion.

The chocolate caramel slice was delicious!

To say that these new fabrics are exquisite would be an understatement. Beautiful embroideries inspired by the charming domestic embroidery of the 18th Century but given a contemporary edge with gorgeous colour combinations.

Oleander Fabric by GP & J Baker

I fell in love with Tulip Tree Linen in the colourway of oranges and soft mauves.

Tulip Tree Linen by GP & J Baker

Baker have also released a revamped range called Baker Lifestyle. This was formerly the Parkertex range but I think Baker Lifestyle sounds much better. Look at this beautiful patchwork fabric. Fabulous for a beach house or a boys room.

Beachcomber Weaves by Baker Lifestyle

GP and J Baker has been producing textiles for over 125 years with the most popular designs showing English garden flowers. These designs have now been recreated with embroidery on fabrics such as linen and silk and even wallpaper.

Giant Peony by GP & J Baker

One such wallpaper is Voysey Leaf which has been adapted from the original design by C F A Voysey called “Hedgerow” and was originally printed in 1906.

Voysey Leaf Wallpaper by GP & J Baker

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To Market, to market

Oh dear, my poor blog has been neglected again this week. Sometimes there’s just not anything worth blogging about, I’m sorry.

However, as this week draws to a close, I thought I’d point out that two of “my” houses are currently on the market.

It’s interesting to see how the real estate agents and stylists change things around to suit a prospective buyer. I like making a house into a home for my clients and their families, whereas it’s a different story when the For Sale sign is up.

This is the photo I took of the formal lounge room when we’d finished the job.

Formal Lounge on completion

And this is the real estate photo.

Real Estate View. Click on image for more photos

In this house, what was the formal lounge room has now been altered to accomodate another bedroom. We didn’t get back to take a photo of all our work before the For Sale sign went up.

Client's Formal Lounge beforehand

Client's formal lounge before we started

Real Estate agents have converted the lounge room to a bedroom. Click on image for more photos.

I have it on good authority that the more bedrooms a house can have, the better!

Family room and kitchen prior to our work

Family Room and Kitchen with new colour scheme

So if you’re looking for some action this weekend, why not have a look at these properties.

Alternatively you might like to grab a bargain at one of the warehouse sales this weekend.

Florence Broadhurst Stocktake Sale

or in Melbourne

Emma Jay Factory Sale

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you enjoy yourself and stay dry and warm.

What do you think?

I hope you’ve had a lovely week.

Winter hit with a vengeance here in Sydney yesterday. Coldest May morning in three years. I think winter is the time everyone turns their thoughts to the inside of their homes. We certainly spend more time there.

I came across this new wallpaper by Zoffany and couldn’t resist posting a photo.

Zoffany Mosaic Wallpaper

Do you like it? It’s called Mosaic and up close it looks like little bits of paper all stuck on top of each other. It gives a beautiful shimmer effect especially in this stripe.

Wallpaper is making a comeback and it’s nothing like the stuff I grew up with. I love it all.

Zoffany Nureyev Wallpaper

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