I Like Chinese

Just a quickie today, I’m afraid. Short week, school holidays and family house-guests are my excuses.

We decided to meet my husband in the city today for lunch. I chose a restaurant that was easy to get to and wouldn’t entail a mile long walk for us or him. Din Tai Fung fitted the bill. We all like Chinese food and as he was on limited time, we wanted something that was quick. You can’t go past the Chinese for quick, tasty food.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to tell you about. Look at this screen.

It’s the wall between the dining area and bar. There is perspex sheets between two columns and all these bamboo steamers have been glued to it. Don’t they form an eye-catching feature?

Underneath the counter is this artistic display of rice bowls.

And further along they have used Chinese Soup spoons.

A group of items certainly has more impact than one or two and it made me think yet again, that you don’t have to just hang art or photographs.

What interesting things have you seen grouped together and hung on a wall?

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  1. Aren’t these clever! All I can recall is a wall of cowboy boot spurs at a swisho Tex-Mex fusion food place in Phoenix. Looked great in the context of the cuisine.
    Millie ^_^

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