Chocolate and Aquamarine

My Kitchen Window Buddy

This little fellow visits my kitchen window each morning and some afternoons for scraps of fresh meat I put on the sill for him. He is about the fourth generation of a kookaburra family that has visited us over the last 6 years. Each year, the parents bring their babies into the garden and show them how if you sit on the window sill, the nice lady gives you meat. I am in awe of the beautiful colour combination of feathers on their backs – chocolate and aquamarine. I started thinking about this combination and where else it occurs in nature.

Blue and Brown Butterfly courtesy of Foxinsane via Flickr

Robin’s Nest courtesy of jamalrob on Flickr

I have always been drawn to this colour combination and marvel how nature always gets it right. No matter which shop I enter, I always end up standing in front of

Blue and Brown Jewellery


Blue and Brown Clothing


Blue and Brown Gift Items


Blue and Brown Cushions

There’s something comforting and relaxing when these colours are used in interiors. Although I do prefer more brown with a touch of blue

Brown sofas with blue cushions

Brown with blue lounge room

rather than blue with a touch of brown.

Blue bedroom with brown accents

Dining Room in Blue with Brown

No matter which way you look at it chocolate and aquamarine is a great combination.

Bedroom by Inside Out Colour and Design


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  1. That dining room is incredible! I love everything about it. I had never really thought about animals with this combination. The kookaburra is beautiful! Great post!

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