Anyone for coffee?

I enjoy my coffee. I have one cup a day and I make sure it’s a good one. I usually find myself out of the studio around 10am so sit down in a cafe with a great cup of freshly made coffee. I’ve never really looked at coffee machines for home or work seeing I only have one cup a day. Another downside in my mind is that coffee machines take up so much valuable bench space if you’re going to buy a really good machine that does everything and rivals the local coffee shop. Image

But…..on Tuesday I was invited to a coffee workshop using the brand new DeLonghi PrimaDonna XS coffee machine. Wow! Talk about coffee machines for dummies. It’s virtually press three buttons and drink.

IMG_1572 The machine grinds fresh beans for every cup, it froths the milk and you get to choose the temperature of your coffee, the style of you coffee, the size and the strength. Press the start button and in seconds you have the perfect cup.

DSC06870 The machine is only 19.5cm wide so doesn’t take up too much bench space. It can even be built in to a cupboard in the kitchen. It’s easy to operate and to clean, has a cup warming function and can make a latte, cappuccino, flat white or espresso in a flash.

DSC06867 The venue for the workshop was Manu Fieldel’s kitchen. It’s set in the basement of an old apartment building and the sandstone walls were gorgeous.

IMG_1571 The outside of the building was pretty cute too with it’s turquoise shutters.

IMG_1576 It was a lovely morning, thank you DeLonghi. I have added a PrimaDonna XS coffee machine to my Christmas Wish List. At $1999 it’s not asking too much, is it?

IMG_1590 So where do you have a coffee?

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