Colour Consulting

Many people are not aware that Colour Consulting can involve much more than simply advising on paint colours for the exterior or interior of your home. We can develop a personal colour palette for you that creates flow and unity that begins with the exterior and continues throughout. Depending on the point we are starting from we can consider how your bricks, pavers, roofing, windows, flooring, tiles and paint work together to create a singular style for your colour scheme. Additional surfaces may include roofing, fencing, paving, guttering, tiles, carpet, laminate and benchtops. For those clients who are looking to refresh the interior colour of their home, our colour consultation will take into consideration the mood you are looking to create and the style of your home.

Colour can be considered the most important ingredient in the interior and exterior decorating process, having significant impact on mood and well-being. In addition to personal preference, your colour scheme choice is impacted by the proportions of a space and the throw of light in a room and consideration needs to be given to intensity and tone of the final selection.

With over 35,000 tints, shades and tones available in the colour selection of any well-known paint label, the colour scheme choice can be overwhelming. Just as difficult is imagining how a small swatch of colour will look and change when applied across an entire wall! Confident colour selection is a specialty of ours and we will remove this uncertainty for you. Jennifer has been described as having a “sixth sense for colour” – a colour cognition talent that unfailingly matches just the right tone to a room. Furthermore, she has an uncanny ability to “carry a colour in her mind” as she works through the selection of fabrics and accessories to complete a look. Before and After shots of work we have completed can be seen here.

A full specification sheet and swatches are provided, including a laminated copy for the painter.

Colour Consultation, exterior paint only $490
Colour Consultation, interior paint only $490
Hourly consultations (for additional services) $190 per hour

“The service and advice I received from Jennifer French was outstanding.  At short notice, she came to our newly renovated home and helped us with our colour scheme.….more.

If you would like to enquire about colour consulting for your home, please call us on 0401 440 088 or complete our enquiry form and we will be in touch. Keen to make an appointment pronto? Check out our availability here and book directly. Our Newsletter explores colours and what they mean as well as giving you the latest tips and trends on colour and interior design. When you sign up to receive our newsletter, you will recieve our booklet on things to consider before engaging a Colour or Interior Design specialist.

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