What Colour Was Your Egg?

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter.

Do you think the colour of the egg you received says anything about your personality? Nearly all the eggs I received were wrapped in light pink paper or packaging.

Now I’ve never really considered myself to be a pink girl. Pink is soft and innocent, not really words I would use to describe myself.

Pink accents in a lounge room via Country Living

Leatrice Eiseman in her book “Colors For Your Every Mood”, says pink is red with much of the passion removed. Hot Pink, maybe, as it has the dynamism of red and is more assertive.

This shade of pink, which was introduced to the world in the 1930’s by fashion designer Schiaparelli, is more whimsical and trendy.

Pink soothes rather than stimulates. In fact, research shows it can reduce anger – which is why it is often used in prisons. I could understand if they were from my daughter as she is definitely a “pink” girl. But these were from my husband.

Bedroom by Inside Out Colour and Design

So knowing all this I wondered if he thought I should be girlish, soft and sweet? As a Colour Consultant, I certainly considered the colour of the packaging for my purchases.

via Wife Style Files

No, that was the only colour in the shop!!! I should’ve known better.

What colour egg did you receive and does that colour epitomize you?

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  1. Loving all that pink…unfortunately my house full of boys wouldn’t let me get away with it! I still sneak touches in though! Hope you have had a lovely Easter break! Tracey xx

  2. Angela Gourlay says

    Funnily enough, I had a purple egg thrown to me closely followed up by a gold one whilst I was reading this! Just back from holidays and polishing off the last of the Easter stash while the kids are sleeping!

    I LOVE the photo of the pink patterned cushions. Just wish I had some where to put them….

  3. Hi,

    Does anyone know where to buy the lovely pink patterned cusions?

  4. Hi Michelle

    It’s Osborne and Little fabric which we can supply. Email me for details.



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