Make sure your colours “hook up”

Really, you could choose any colour in the world in any tint or shade to paint your house or room and it would work. But the thing you need to choose carefully, is which colour it will hook up with.


I recently gave some colour advice to clients regarding a colour for the exterior of their home. They were sold on a particular Colorbond colour for the gutter and downpipes which is always helpful as it gives us a starting point.

Choosing colours

They had already painted the interior of their home so wanted a connection between external and internal spaces. Excellent, that’s what you should do to create a harmonious environment.


So we set about choosing colours. They were keen to look at the browns but as the worldwide palette is moving away from the lattes, mochas and espressos we’ve had for the last 10 years, I was steering them towards a more grey palette. We settled on a colour and made sure it worked with the Colorbond.

Grey Bedroom via Home Beautiful

Now this is where it gets tricky and if it’s not chosen carefully, the whole scheme falls apart. We needed to choose a neutral or off-white colour for the eaves and window frames as well as a dark colour for the fence and front door. They needed to work with the wall colour and the gutter colour. And that is the trick. Make sure the undertone of all the colours is the same or sits well with each other.

The wall colours (grey) and the kitchen cabinetry colour (mustard) have not relation whatsover.

When I was studying to become a Colour Consultant, we spent the first few weeks mixing colours. This is the best way to understand colour and undertones and now I can discect a colour and work out it’s make-up. Makes it alot easier in selecting colours that “hook up”.

Harmonious colour scheme

I see so many houses where the colour is fine but it’s what they’ve hooked up with that just makes the scheme look off.

The colour of the second floor extension does not have the same undertone as the colour on the ground floor emphasising the addition.

If you need assistance in choosing colours for your home, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.

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