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I seem to have been noticing a sudden influx of Copper, lately.

London Bobby via Flickr

No not that one, the metal one.

via Axolotl

It seems weird to me that for the past eight years or so, we’ve been putting shades of brown on our walls, sofas and floors yet all of our metals have been stainless steel. Think refrigerators, range hoods, dishwashers etc.

via House and Garden Photographer Phillip Castelton

Now we are moving into a grey era and the metals turn to Copper.

I have lived with a copper range hood for the past seven years. I vowed and declared the day I moved in, that that range hood HAD to go. Alas, my new kitchen is still coming and now I’m wondering if I should be keeping the range hood and working the kitchen around it.

My kitchen range hood

These are some of the copper items I’ve spied of late.

Tom Dixon's Copper Shades

Boyd Copper Side Table

Bandhini Copper Coin Cushion

What do you think, is it a fad or is Copper here to stay?

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