Eclectic Decor

Rooms with something different, something quirky or something eclectic are rooms that catch my eye. It’s not necessary to have everything all matchy-matchy and by adding something a little “out there” will create some interest.

eclectic living room

This month I’ve chosen three pieces from the new stock at The Orient Express which would suit any room and any style of decor. Add one of these to your room and you’re sure to create a talking point.

Shanghai Bird Cage

First up we have an elegant timber bird cage. This cage dates back to 1920’s Shanghai when Shanghai was considered “The Paris of the East, The New York of the West.” We visited the Bird gardens in Hong Kong on our recent holiday and loved seeing all the reproduction cages with their cute little ceramic food and water bowls.

Bird Cages

They make wonderful decor pieces even without the birds.


Next is an amazing original sailing boat steering wheel. This wheel is 112cm in diameter and comes from Zhejiang province in China. It can be yours for $290.

Antique Ships Wheel

And look at these beautiful window shutters from Shanxi Province. They would look fabulous as a bedhead or placed as a room divider or just placed on a large blank wall as a unique artwork.

Chinese shutters

So what do you think? Could you add one of these pieces to your home?

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